Uncap the 910 915 stupid internet throttle

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  1. damulta

    damulta Member

    Does anyone know if we can do this? I get nailed by R915 Cricket about one week in the month to stupid SLOW internet speeds. I called and BEGGED to buy more data with a no no and no even though they offer 3g 7gb plans for home users. Yet, no smartphones get kicked at 1Gb WTF?

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [MOD] Data Service Governer Killer - Updated with How To:

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [MOD] Data Service Governer Killer - Updated with How To:
    So if anyone knows how too do this, and stick it too the man....I want too be one of those men sticking it too them!

  2. softtech

    softtech Well-Known Member

    No, you don't want to stick it to the man. You want to steal service.

    At least be up-front and honest about it instead of trying to wrap it in some form where it's noble somehow...

  3. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    speak for yourself softtech i would be intersted in this as well im tired of paying for 4G when the actual speed of it is no where near 4g speeds i get 1.3mb up and down and its always been like this begining or end of the month so i would love to know as well if its capable to uncap this cap
  4. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    This file is not of much help to us.
    Capped can be done 2 ways. One is an upper limit on the amount of data, that is what that program supposedly addresses. The other, is a limit on the available bandwidth/speed at which the data is being downloaded. That is a network dependent setting. That would be the problem we are facing. And it's a server-side issue. Therefore, a client-side app will not help much.
    Since metro doesn't really have a meter with how much data we actually are using at the moment, we are not being option-1-capped. If that makes sense. Geez, we need new terms for these! :D
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  5. damulta

    damulta Member

    See my Cricket is unlimited. It says so in my contract, and when they slow me 10k a sec download. I see them in not giving me what I payed for. Yea I can see them slowing me down, but I would like too see it only cut down too ISDN speeds. So I could still watch youtube, netflix blababla. This trottle down is set for email speed class only.

    So if the cap could be lifted I think I would be ok with it only unlocking cap trottle speeds too 128k a sec. It would let me play my PS3 with no lag even at that speed. Just download times would really increase. Which is what I belive in what the fair rights contract is that I signed up with them on. Cause it would allow my smart phone too be a smart phone not a wifi mini tablet.....

    It's not stealing if it was done that way.....
  6. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    If cricket caps data
  7. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    The throttle service has already been removed in Basix.
  8. damulta

    damulta Member

    ok,but thats 910 only corret? Is there a file i can flash onto the 915 to get uncapped?
  9. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Not at this time.

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