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  1. rjf17

    rjf17 Member

    I accidentally deleted an email I wanted, but couldn't figure out how to "undelete" it. I can see if in the Trash folder, but don't see any menu options to move it back to the Inbox.

    I was able to open the message and Forward it to myself, but that seemed overly difficult. Is there any easier way to undo the delete?

  2. geobernd

    geobernd Member

    When i trash just add it to the inbox folder and it's back in there...
  3. liljay2k

    liljay2k Member

    When you can see the list of emails in the trash, touch and hold the message you want to send back to the inbox, for a couple seconds, you will see a menu pop up that says 'to inbox'. Always play around in different apps, there are hidden menus sometimes when you just press and hold, if it doesn't do anything, then there's no menu :-D. Happy Droiding.
  4. rjf17

    rjf17 Member

    I tried the touch and hold, but the only options that I see are "Open" and "Delete". (Note: this is in the Trash folder of my Email). No "Add" option.
  5. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

    you could go to the mobile web page on the browser and try to move it if you don't see the option in the app
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  6. liljay2k

    liljay2k Member

    Oh, seems like a difference between gMail app and Email app, I can do that in gMail. I don't have any accounts in the Email app, sorry I couldn't help.
  7. Jebtrix

    Jebtrix Member

    Just got the Droid and realized I can't undelete email. That is sooo lame :(
  8. stad

    stad Member

    I know this is late, but it still may be helpful to others. If you download the Yahoo! Mail application from the market, you can move the email from trash to inbox. These changes will then reflect in the native email app. Thanks to Howie for the idea of accessing the account in a different way.
  9. Bonzai007

    Bonzai007 New Member

  10. Bonzai007

    Bonzai007 New Member

    Thanks for the Yahoo Mail application, but I have this problem with a non-Yahoo email (not a Gmail account, either). I have the same issue as what rfj17 originally posted.

    Specifically, I have a Motorola A855 Droid with Android version 2.2.1, build FRG83D. When I accidentally delete, I cannot move the email out of the trash folder. Additionally, the email is useless, beyond the ability to just reading it. I cannot reply, reply all, or forward, because all those options are disabled or grayed out. If I press and hold, the options are just limited to open or delete.

    Does anyone have a solution, yet?
  11. briankangaroo

    briankangaroo New Member

    Very lame Android! I've lost a couple emails this way before the help on this page. After reading stad's suggestion, I went to laptop and opened my web based account on yahoo instead. It was there in the trash and was able move to inbox. I imagine you can do the same with other non yahoo accounts.
  12. Krissi

    Krissi New Member

    This is very lame!

    For all those writing about GMail or Yahoo solutions... don't bother. This
  13. cicorp

    cicorp New Member

    With Android 2.3.4 they have failed to provide this basic undelete convenience. Very bad usability.

    There is no way to forward the email from the Trash. I don't know where you see that. You can only further delete it, to totally disappear.

    It is totally inconsiderate of the fact that the "Discard" button is right next to "Save as Draft" and you have to reach OVER the Discard button with your thumb (not a precision instrument) to Save. Especially if you are typing on a moving train or plane. This is idiocy of the highest order, and only asking for trouble for the user.

    Then to have the Discarded email in the Trash irretrievably is very inconsiderate and bad usability on the part of Android.

    Also I learned the hard way that you better Save As Draft quick, and every few minutes...or pressing the back to menu button during composing will LOSE YOUR ENTIRE EMAIL if it has not been saved, with NO WARNING, and it will NOT show up in the Trash. It's GONE!

    So I was composing an important email for about 1 hour, Saving as a Draft along the way for safety. When it was almost done, I intended to Save again, but accidentally pressed the Discard button closer to my thumb.

    I tried stretching the brackets for copy and paste over the email in the Trash, but they would only extend to a maximum of 1 paragraph.

    Finally, I had to open the email sitting in the Trash, read, and RETYPE the whole email on my laptop. "Thanks a lot" Android! You make me wish I had stayed with my Blackberry!

    For Usability in 2012, either provide a confirmation (Are you sure? Y/N) before major deletions, or allow the user to retrieve from the Trash can. Either one. But Android has failed to do either with the latest 2.3.4 version. I hope Andoid fixes this glaring omission in the next version, not too much to ask.

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