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  1. parkland

    parkland Member


    I am fairly literate with computers, but new to android, until recently.
    I just bought an HD android media player, from dx.com, for 73$.
    At deal extreme, 73$. 4 gb flash.

    It works great.

    I went to buy another one, and see that there are dual core models available for even less money?:
    At deal extreme, 50$ dual core, 8 gb flash.

    How come the one I already purchased cost more than the dual core unit?

    I'm so lost, I just want to know what's what with these things.
    The specs aren't really published like PC parts are.

    I was going to put the links to the 2 products, but it won't allow that.

  2. parkland

    parkland Member

  3. parkland

    parkland Member


    In the last few hours, the product specs changed on the exact same product....

    dx almost seems sketchy enough to worry about. I've bought from them before, usually with good luck. I did order a cellular data card once, and I got only the empty box haha.
  4. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    DX.com is safe as can be, don't worry the price dif is because the boxes cost alot more than the sticks. I perfer a box and paid more for a dual core on than a stick.
  5. parkland

    parkland Member

    Well one time I ordered the cellular router, and a cellular data stick, and the data stick box arrived empty. I tried contacting them about it but it was a PITA, so I just let it go.

    Box VS sticks, I also noticed the sticks have air vents... my box gets hot... are they better at cooling? I would think they would....?

    In any case, I had a seagate goflex tv media player, and a WD tv live media player, and the lower cost android player blows them away in so many ways.

    I guess I'm also wondering how to identify models as far as "whats better"...
    Say you look at PC kits to build a computer....

    4 gb ddr3 ram
    dual core 4.0 ghz
    2.0 tb hd
    etc... and you KNOW it can run various versions of linux, windows.. etc.

    With these android boxes, sometimes the specifications are available, but it's hard to know what chips are better, and what versions of android might run, etc.

    I think mine was an a9 cortex chip; is there a list or something that shows the chip generations and performance numbers, along with what software they can run?
  6. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    This right here is the best one on the market.

    Its honestly awesome i ordered it wednesday got it monday with the free shipping. The company is actually involved you can follow theyre updates and ask them questions on their facebook. I highly recommend this box, im hoping to have a review up this weekend too. But with the Chinese Android box's what your looking for is (This is new) Dual core, you want that to run HD MKV videos without the lag and skips. Ram DDR3, Go for 1GB min to keep everything smooth. A Good GPU, Pretty much all the same Mali 400.
  7. everst

    everst Well-Known Member

    unfortunately the rock chip is not OK for xbmc
  8. parkland

    parkland Member

    So any arm device can run android?
  9. jschall

    jschall Well-Known Member

  10. parkland

    parkland Member

    I know, but the price difference doesn't add sup still, in my head.

    I feel so stupid with these boxes, I still barely know what I bought !!! :D

    Can I upgrade it to android 4 ?
    What do you need to know?
    Certain chipsets run certain versions, or does it matter?

    Any 586 PC will run windows, linux etc as long as the specs are good enough, is it the same thing with android?
    I am just confused..... :confused:
  11. jschall

    jschall Well-Known Member

  12. everst

    everst Well-Known Member

    i just orderd the mini neo x5 :)

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