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Undetected Tethering with T-Mobile

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  1. king818

    king818 New Member

    I have an iphone and want to tether its LTE to my laptop when i'm traveling. only iphones don't support this. i can tether up to 2.5gb with tmobile by creating a hot spot, but if i browse through my phone itself i get unlimited 4g/lte data. is there a way to tether this unlimited data to my computer and not go through the personal hotspot?

    someone please help me out with this setup. i am willing to return this phone and get an android one. i just don't know how to do this. what would you recommend?

  2. king818

    king818 New Member

  3. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    Technically, tethering your unlimited through T-Mobile is considered to be theft of service. Your plan includes a complimentary 2.5GB of tethered data, at which point, you should call T-Mobile to inquire about more. They used to have an MBB (mobile broadband) addon for tethered use beyond 2.5gb.
  4. king818

    king818 New Member

    I am aware that it is considered theft of service. I however consider it a theft of rights.

    I am very happy having switched to T-Mobile after years of being stuck with AT&T and their restrictions. I feel T-Mobile is great company with high ethics for their consumers. I however don't agree with not allowing tethering for mobile/remote use only. I have wifi at home which I pay $40 a month for. I have no plan on replacing this with with my phones internet. The significance of having internet on your phone is for use when you are out and away. I am already using unlimited data when I am out and away, compliant with T-Mobiles terms. What in the damn hell is the problem if I want to mirror what I would already be doing on a larger screen, with keyboard and mouse access?

    While I appreciate your educating me onthe terms of service, I would still like to go ahead and inquire about how to achieve this. Imagine working 8+ hours a day in random locations, with no wifi, only your phones internet connection, a usb charger, and a couple portable computer batteries. It would greatly enhance the quality of my life.

    So anyone who has this setup already with TMobile please chime in and help a brotha out with how to accomplish this
  5. 4yorks

    4yorks Member

    I use pda net+

    It's not Free but it really works , I've used in excess of 20gb
  6. king818

    king818 New Member

    Thanks man. I might be using more than 20gb. Maybe like 100 in a month. You think this will cause any problems?

    Also will this work on all android phones"?
  7. SEMIJim

    SEMIJim Well-Known Member

    What you consider it to be is inconsequential. If it's contrary to the terms of service to which you agreed when you contracted for service with T-Mobile, and you do it anyway, it's theft of service.

  8. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

    Sidenote: Wifi-Tether is not working with 4.3 firmware anymore. Only up to 4.2.2 firmware it will work.

    Native tethering/Hot Spot works fine.

    I cant use native tethering as I would get an upsell msg from T-mo. That's why I have to use Wifi Tether.
  9. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    OP asked a question and didn't need all the negative responses. Is tethering without a plan or trying to circumvent detection a Terms of Service violation, absolutely. However discussion of doing so is permitted (here's the official stance ). If you don't agree with it, that's fine but don't rip on someone who does want to do it.

    Therefore I'm locking this this thread up. If you have any questions or concerns, my inbox is always open.
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