Undue anger towards Verizon about no new news.

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  1. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    Trust me, I want to know what VZ has coming out as much as the next guy. But I really don't think it's fair, or reasonable to be upset that they don't tell us more. Some people seem to be outright MAD that they don't give us info on upcoming devices such as the Passion. As if it's our RIGHT to know NOW.


    They have the right, and business duty, to sell what they have now, and have no obligation to tell the public what they are planning. Should they also have to tell you what R&D is working on for 2011? 2012?

    Car dealers sell what they have now, not talk to customers about what they have coming out in June as a 2011 model.

    Yes, I want to know, but I think it's ignorant to be mad at them for not telling us.

  2. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Well-Known Member

    Very well said, and I couldn't agree more! The only reason we have any wind at all about the "Passion" is because of leaks. If there weren't any leaks we would all be holding a Droid or an Eris and we'd be happy because we don't know what we might be missing out on. I agree, Verizon doesn't owe us anything. They have no responsibility to legitimize "leaks" and spy photos. If they did that, they'd be chasing rumors around all of the time and their stock would be worth nothing. They have to ignore these leaks and just treat them as untrue. If they validated claims and rumors when they ARE true, they'd never get anything done. So...+1
  3. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    The problem is that this is an Android forum. So all carriers will be judged by their Android selection. No one is going to really care Verizon probably has the best selection of smart phones. Besides the Iphone there is no smart phone OS that you could want and not get from Verizon. Thats better then any other carrier. That is more then likely what they are going for instead of having 1 or 2 bleeding edge phones.
    Even then they're going to get the Nexus One and another HTC Android 2.x phone. Hell they still only have the second best Android phone (or best if you like having 3G most of the country over).
  4. hornyhippo

    hornyhippo Well-Known Member

    Verizon spent so much advertising on Droid, of course there wont be any news.
  5. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Yes, let's hate on Verizon for the proper reasons. Like every time you get your phone bill.

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