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  1. dw0095

    dw0095 Well-Known Member

    Effective today, my bolt has begun rebooting in the middle of sending a text message. It used to just restart while idle here and there but this is a new level of annoyance.

    Where is that damn update! :mad:

    If it matters, I use handcent.

    Also wanted to share a great deal I found on Amazon for backup battery.

    Hyperion HTC Thunderbolt 4G 2x1500mah Battery + Charger
    $25 shipped and it comes with 2 batteries.

    They last as long as the stock battery plus the extra charger with LED is handy.

  2. superstretch

    superstretch Well-Known Member

    Mine started acting the same way yesterday.. Its been running cool not doing much of anything (screen off, idly sitting on my desk) when, out of nowhere, it reboots. 6 times yesterday (that I know of)
  3. barlav

    barlav New Member

    +1. Also noticed the same thing yesterday. 4 times yesterday that I know of. Before that it was just once every few days.
  4. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    Mine is a lot better than it was. My up time is at 191 hours right now and I'm pretty sure that I rebooted it then. I've only caught my phone rebooting one time in the past couple of weeks.
  5. meandmydroid

    meandmydroid Well-Known Member

    What's even more upsetting than the random rebooted I deal with at home, is when it decides to reboot itself when I'm driving and following Google navigation...now that REALLY sucks...but hopefully not much longer and they'll have the update to fix it...
  6. nateap87

    nateap87 Well-Known Member

    Why aren't people manually updating to mr2? My phone was rebooting throughout the day and since I updated, I haven't had a single one. Definitely worth the data wipe

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