Unexplained mass animal deaths sweeping the world in 2011. Has anyone heard about this?

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  2. chimphappyhour

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    I'm going to guess you missed out on the media hysteria around all of these "unexplained" mass die offs? There was nothing unexplained about them. The media latched onto these events and when the official explanations came out, they lost interest and got bored. At which point, they went onto the next thing they could sensationalize. That's how the media works. If they can't sensationalize or scandalize it, it just kind of drops off their radar.
  3. tommy_ed

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    what were the official explanations? i'd be very interested to hear them...and i would say it was pretty newsworthy lol
  4. VegasOnAcid

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    I am pretty sure all the explanations that came out were educated theory. As far as I saw nothing was clear cut "this is what killed these animals." Just "this is probably what killed these animals based on factors that are probably relevant." If nobody posts anything later I will try to find some of the articles... It was a fairly interesting read.
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  5. tommy_ed

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    yea, i looked into it after chimphappyhour's comment, and i didn't see it being resolved officially at all. there were simply a couple of scientist saying it's possible that it's just a coincidence, and that these things "happen"...i mean really? i could maybe see a bunch of animals dying once every 20 years from something weird, but this many occurences in this short of a period? and the part that REALLY gets me is that it's specific to a certain species each time. If there was something natural that was going to kill 400,000 fish, i feel like it should have killed some different kinds of fish as well. crazy...
  6. Bob Maxey

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    Thousands of species arrive, evolve, change, and die off. Some we see and most we do not. If you want to fret about the pedestrian acts of God or perhaps created and killed by Mother Nature, Fine. Do what you can to save the endangered Furry JustinBieberosaure and good luck.

    My only concern is when laws are enacted to save this or that and it affects me. Bad laws often arrive because of faulty science driven bad laws.

    The government can stop you from developing your property if some rare what have you is discovered on your land. So if you discover a dinosaur, kill it immediately and drag it into a national forest or your property will become a nature preserve.
  7. Honestly, it has happen in the past and it will continue to happen in the future. As for the birds, most of them got spooked by fire works from the new year. They took off and flew into random objects killing themselves. Others where probably massively poisoned.

    The fish are easier to explain. Fish have to a specific water requirements or they will die. Climate change mixes up these water requirements. Water can get too warm, to cold, or not enough oxygen and kill off the fish. For years, government has poisoned fish in the south to kill off invasive species.

    If you take anything from this, understand that it is man that is killing off these animals in droves, and it will continue.

    US government admits poisoning 200 birds that fell dead from sky in South Dakota | Mail Online
  8. Bob Maxey

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    Perhaps we are, but we rule and all animals are here to serve us. Be it food, clothing, or cute kitten YouTube videos, we master, them servant...grunt.

    I am doing my part. A nice fillet for dinner and some vegetables. I just hope the carrots do not scream as is often the case, as I slice them up and toss them in a nice sauce.

    On the other hand, one less cow means lower emissions so I am saving the planet. Gluttony is the key; everyone eat a cow.
  9. What makes you think you have the right?
  10. i VTAK

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    In nature the strong dominate. We are part of nature.
  11. Bob Maxey

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    After Neo went blind, he needed some time off. So I became the One until Neo gets back on his feet, that's why.
  12. Bob Maxey

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    I did not say I have the right, except in the larger sense. I did say "We" did I knot?

    We rule because we have mad skills and we are dominant on this planet. We kill forests to make newspaper, we kill Bambi to eat Bambi Jerky, we move species out of where they live to build condos, we fly through the air sucking bald eagles into the engines of our first class flights, and we mine the earth to create whatever we need.

    When Bullwinkle takes up arms, I'll listen. Never argue with a moose with a gun.
  13. bingo!

    and if you are religulous, it says so in the Bible.
  14. tommy_ed

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    this isn't evolution. evolution does not occur instantly

    where did i say i was trying to save anything? i'm just intrigued. and i don't buy any of the theories people are throwing out. i would definitely buy them if it wasn't SO MANY cases in such an incredibly short period of time, all over the WORLD not just in the U.S. And the fact that most of them are specific to one species, as i said before. in other words, did you notice 4 million fish died? did you also notice they were ALL the SAME species? if it was a climate change, etc., wouldn't it have killed other fish as well? i mean it killed 4 MILLION of them. just saying....
  15. 9to5cynic

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    I'm not buying this one. I don't ever remember hearing anything like this in the past. I'm sure if it was really fireworks, this would be a common occurrence. Fireworks go off on a yearly basis in the US, and it's just a little 'fishy' (;)) that this year the birds decide that fireworks are scary.

    And it does seem awfully convenient that all the deaths happened all at once. It was interesting to say the least (especially hearing the reasons that some people came up with .... :p )
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  16. VegasOnAcid

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    There was one "conclusion" that the birds died from overeating. lol
  17. 9to5cynic

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    Well, I suppose it makes 'sense' that birds (which have been around and evolving for millions of years) would just decide instinctually to overeat... >.>
  18. chimphappyhour

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    After having read these theories and deciding that your own background out trumps those of the scientists, please enlighten us with your theories as to what happened?
  19. YankeeDudeL

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    Well, I for one find it more than strange and no one has yet to offer me an explanation for all these diff species of animals dying en mass. Between this, the natural disasters, and the current state of the world, I'm willing to listen to the 2012 nutjobs and conspiracy theorists. If the Cubs win the World Series next Oct/Nov, I'm taking the biggest loan out I can get.
  20. Bob Maxey

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    You think it is strange when it might be natural.

    There is a species of bamboo you might consider. It grows in places with a temperate climate. Odd thing is, if you take a cutting and bring it to the United States, when the source plant dies, your plant will also die. Like clockwork. It is as though they are somehow connected. No matter where starts are planted on the planet, when the donor dies, all plants coming from the plant die.

    Basic fact, things die for any number of reasons and quite often, the press tells us we are doomed. The public reacts, and stories appear warning us that we are doomed.

    I do not know how many species are dying off. I have been told that tens of thousands of plants, frogs, trees, orchids, whatevers have died out. We do not know how many species there are or how many have died.

    The way nature works is complex and we can't begin to understand it.
  21. tommy_ed

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    you don't have to be a scientist to doubt a theory. I never said I was smarter or more educated than the scientists, I said "I don't buy it" - in other words, it doesn't make logical sense to me. I don't have a theory. I would rather be honest and say "I don't know" than offer a vague explanation filled with many holes.

    If you believed those theories, you should look into the situation more. They don't make sense when compared to the big picture. Did the fireworks also kill the 200 cows in wisconsin, 100,000 drum fish in arkansas, the 40,000 devil crabs in the U.K., or the 2 MILLION dead fish in maryland? wouldn't something that killed 40,000 devil crabs kill another species as well? whats yourtheory on this, chimp?
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  23. Frisco

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    Well, that's a bit of a stretch. ;)

    Many, but not all, bamboo types flower at the same time, some only once every several decades and no matter where on Earth they are planted. A host bamboo of a cutting placed in another environment will still match flowering times with its "baby," but not because of anything magic, it just has to do with the "clock" in the plant's cells.

    They do die at the same time, for the same reasons as they flower at the same time, environment being the least important of the plant's inner "clock" on a cellular level. Fascinating species.

    But to try to superimpose that plant's flowering and dying cycles on the mass animal deaths reported and noted here is a very big stretch indeed. Things need to be looked into deeply for answers wrt die offs. The answers are there, but it takes time to science them out into the open.
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    I'm pretty sure some of these were explained (it involved testing some bio-chemicals components). Instead of looking for a solution, you should all spend some time reading funny comments from youtube. :p

    PS: Just wanted to add that between 50 and 100 million people died from the Spanish flu. We're humans: we can react with vaccines, hygiene, common sense, etc. Most animals can't. We also pick up the corpses.
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    Go tell that to a pack of Lions :)

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