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Unfit Battery CoverGeneral

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  1. eldesoky

    eldesoky New Member

    Hi all,

    Got my desire Z this month, but I have two issues
    1- It got dead twice during the month (I have to remove the battery and reinstall it to bring it again to live)
    2- The battery cover is not firm in place. it clicks when you tap it and makes annoying sound (specially if you are typing on the hardware keyboard).

    Is this the normal for Desire Z? (Specially #2)?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I can't help with #1, but check that the back cover is correctly latched in place. My own can be quite tricky to refit - it will look and feel secure but looking at the slide catch shows that it's not fully engaged.
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  3. eldesoky

    eldesoky New Member

    Thanks for the fast reply.
    I am sure it is fully secured in place, but still it clicks when tapping its edges.
    I will take it tomorrow to HTC dealer in Egypt to check.

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