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  1. Jordan Tate

    Jordan Tate New Member

    Hi all, I got a Galaxy S3 just yesterday. Everything is working correctly but the camera. The first time I booted the phone up the camera worked and took one photo. After that the camera doesnt display and the app freezes with the error message "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped."

    I performed a factory reset, this resulted in the camera working again but it only took one photo and bugged again. I'm sure this is a software issue as the camera will work every time a factory reset is performed but only once. Does anyone know a fix or have any advice?

    As a new user I can't post a link of a video on YouTube of this issue, but if you search for "Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Problem" you will find it. (It's the exact same issue)

    Please help!

  2. Jordan Tate

    Jordan Tate New Member

    Hi all. I finally found a fix for this issue. After almost giving up i decided to run a few more factory resets and the issue resolved itself. Both cameras are functioning perfect and no more crashes. In this case its not a hardware issue but a software issue, some files may get corrupted during the initial set up. So if you have this issue run a few factory resets and it might just solve the problem like it has for me.
  3. Hisham7g

    Hisham7g New Member

    My brother had the same issue and he fix it.
    He run a factory rest but still had the same issue he run it again after deleting the DCIM and turned off developer options (from settings) and he run factory reset and he skipped every sign-in in the start and he checked the camera and it was working perfect. Therefore he run a factory reset again and signed-in for all the programs and sadly the camera had the same issue. Then he start afactory rest again and signed-in with every thing except (drop box). After that he checked the camera and it was working.

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