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  1. ritchierope

    ritchierope New Member


    i am having a problem with the built-in e-mail client on my phone (Lenovo LePhone A660 with Android 4.0.4), whenever I want to open an e-mail I received it says "Unfortunately, Email has stopped."

    I have never used the client before. It is a brand new phone, besides installing a couple of apps, everything is stock. I already tried stopping the app and clearing data, it never helped. I am using gmail with secure IMAP connection.

    I haven't tried to hard reset the phone, but as it is new, it makes no sense to me to do that.

    I appreciate any help. Thank you!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Have you tried using the gmail app? If that works, the Lenovo email app might just be buggy.
  3. ritchierope

    ritchierope New Member

    I have installed it to try it, but it is constantly waiting for sync and stuck there.
  4. ritchierope

    ritchierope New Member

    Sorry, I was a bit too hasty. There was a problem with the sync options, now I can see and read my mails with the google account I am using the phone with. But I am still stuck with the built-in client. I have got another account that I want to use. If the stock app is buggy, should I contact lenovo for advice?

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