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  1. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd share what I've found about installing WhatsApp on Nexus 7.

    Much thanks to Astrix from nexustablets.net and StrangerWeather from xda-developers forums!!!

    UPDATE, 12/02/12...Ok I've tried the lastest version (2.8.8588) of WhatsApp and I've notice it is now giving out 6 digits instead of 3 digit code. For now use this version, WhatsApp version 2.8.4776

    ***For those of you who already installed the lastest version of the Whatsapp, go ahead and unintall and install the v2.8.4776 above then redo step #2.***

    Required apps:

    A. Whatsapp apk (since it can't be download via Google Play store, download the apk from the link below.)

    B. Appguard apk: SRT AppGuard (don't worry about the German, the app is in English. This also can be DL using your N7, but you'll have to click and hold the "Download der appguard.apk" and Save link as.)

    1. Install WhatsApp, once installed, close the app without running it.

    2. Install AppGuard
    - Start up open/run appguard.
    - Select "Secure a new app"
    - Select "Whatsapp"
    - Appguard will take you through 3-steps:
    [*]scan and secure application
    [*]Uninstall existing application
    [*]Install secured application

    Once the process is completed, within Appguard, you'll need to change Whatsapp Permissions by removing the setting for "Phone calls - read phone status and identity"

    3. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC: BlueStacks App Player

    4. Select "Messaging" and install WhatsApp on your PC.

    5. Input your mobile number. You should get a text with the 3-digit verification code. Be patient, it can take few minutes.

    6. Once you have your code, go back to your Nexus 7, run WhatsApp, press menu (3 dots on bottom right corner) then input the code.

    And you're done!


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  2. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    You can also use TEXTNOW, which I believe does the same thing, correct me if I am wrong. Unless I am missing something here ??
  3. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    I believe TEXTNOW does not use your own phone number, rather gives you different number like HeyWire...but I may be wrong about this as I'm not too familiar with this.
  4. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    K, so Whatsapps uses your mobile number ??

  5. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Yes...and since it uses cell service, the instruction is a work around for Wifi device such as N7, altho, I'm not sure it this will work on other non-3g/4g devices.
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  6. losl

    losl Well-Known Member

    In order to receive messages from Whatsapp should i keep my PC on all the time?

    Thank you !!

  7. Nuj Fuj

    Nuj Fuj New Member

    May I ask if this method allows whatsapp to exist on my phone and my nexus 7 at the same time?

    When I tried it just now, it told me that I couldn't have whatsapp on 2 devices at once. I might not have done it properly so I'd be very grateful to anyone that can answer my question. (Otherwise I think I'll leave whatsapp on my phone).
  8. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    If I need to text via my Nex7 tablet for some reason, then I am already likely using my phones Wi-Fi hotspots or sharing the same Wi-Fi network. in either case, simply installing the app Tablet Talk (free) on both devices solves your issue. Texts instantly transfer from phone to tablet and vice versa. you can sync all the SMS from your phone, you can even see incoming calls and decide if you want to answer.
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  9. alloush

    alloush New Member

    I followed the steps to install whatsapp on my Nexus 7, but when I reached the last step:
    "6. Once you have your code, go back to your Nexus 7, run WhatsApp, and input the code."
    Instead of getting a prompt to input the code, I got a prompt for customer support!
    Any help is appreciated.
  10. groovmasta

    groovmasta New Member

    I had the same issue; the option to enter the code did not appear until I submitted my country and phone number also through Whatsapp on my Nexus 7. Naturally due to the missing mobile network on the device I got an error. So I tapped on the button call me which yielded yet another error. Click away from that message and if you now click the three dots icon in the bottom right corner the enter code option should be available. Good luck!
  11. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    Am I missing something here? Google voice does texts and calls, and if you install groove ip you should be abe to make the tablet act as a phone and make free calls...

    True Google Voice gives you a different phone number unless you port your number to them (in which case you still have to get a new number from your provider so it's kind of pointless anyway) but then any device running it should then have the same phone number.
    I use it over wifi on my phone since I dont have unlimited minutes...
  12. gingersnapgirl

    gingersnapgirl Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thank you for this! I often have my Nexus 7 out while my phone is across the room charging in the only free outlet, but still want to text my friends, and running back and forth was driving me crazy.
  13. EN4CER

    EN4CER New Member

    Thanks for the guide, all set up and was working. The only issue is that it recognises I have the same telephone number in use on both my phone and Nexus 7!
    And gets me to re verify and won't let me use on both.

    Anyway around this please?

  14. d0ulikethat

    d0ulikethat New Member

    1. I uninstalled Whatsapp on my iPhone.
    2. Created a Google Voice number.
    3. Installed Whatsapp on my iPhone, and used my Google Voice number to register.
    4. Got the 3-digit code on voice.google.com
    5. Used the 3-digit code to register Whatsapp on the Nexus 7.
    6. Reinstalled Whatsapp on the iPhone using my regular cell number.
    7. Done. Whatsapp works on both devices.

    Hope that helps!
  15. EN4CER

    EN4CER New Member

    Many thanks, but would I then end up with WhatsApp associated with two different numbers on two different devices?
  16. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    No you do not. I was oversea and never need my laptop. It works as if you're using your phone.
  17. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, you can't have it on 2 devices at the same time, I wish it did. I used this app 'cause I was in oversea and I don't have phone that I can use it overseas.
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  18. PhaseBurn

    PhaseBurn Active Member

    The whole point of Google Voice is that you give your Google Voice phone number out to people instead of your direct cell number. Then you can send and receive texts on any tablet, phone, and/or computer (including multiple devices simultaneously) from your Google Voice number. You set your phone to make all calls through Google Voice and use Google Voice for texting, and nobody ever sees your cell number. Then if you ever want to change providers you aren't tied to the phone number they gave you. And by porting your current number to Google, you don't have to change your number to use Google Voice in the first place. Get a new number from your carrier, don't give it out, and you're totally set up for a transparent device then.
  19. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Folks...this instruction is only for those who wants to use WhatsApp, an "instant messenger" that uses your owe cell number on N7. As to using Google Voice number, it beats the purpose of using your own cell number...but it's personal preference.

    If you want to use N7 as a SMS device, there are few apps that you can be used. Such as one mentioned above, Tablet Talk (NOT free, $2.99), DeskSMS (free for 14 days), MySMS (free), and etc. I can say from my experience that I use MySMS on my N7, can't beat the price, free, and it works well.

    Finally, for those of you having issues on step #6:

    6. Once you have your code, go back to your Nexus 7, run WhatsApp, press menu (3 dots on bottom right corner) then input the code.

    Hope this help.
  20. newcitizen

    newcitizen New Member

    It all worked out until step 7. i tried many times and clicked away through the messages but i did not get the option to enter the code...any ideas? Running on Nexus 7 hspa+ JB4.2
  21. Caparsso

    Caparsso New Member

    Hello, I have the same problem as newcitizen, till step 7 everything was ok. But I do not get option to insert the digit code. The three dots bellow, only allow me to contact support. The message when i push call me : It looks like your client has been modified. Pls, download the latest version. Can somebody help me, pls? I have version of whatsapp 2.8.8588 . Thank you in advance!
  22. Caparsso

    Caparsso New Member

    Hi, do you have any idea how to solve the problem, pls?
  23. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure why the option is not there. On step one, after you install the Whatsapp, did you close it without running the app? That's the only step I can think of why it's not working. Try this and let me know if it works.
  24. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    I have the same problem, and yes I selected close as soon as it was installed. I did not open it before modifying the permissions.
  25. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member


    Works on Nexus 7 and uses your phone's phone number. The Nex7 will receive and send texts and MMS as if it were your phone. Enjoy.

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