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  1. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    so for people that got this working... esp to the OP

    how are the messages RECEIVED??? both devices at the same? or just one device at a time? or does the messages gets scattered around, like sometimes on the phone and sometimes on the tablet? if so, is there a way to ENABLE one device to send/receive msgs and the other one DISABLED? coz that would suck if your sending a msg from one device and the replies are being received by the other one.

  2. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    With mysms don't you need to have the phone connected to the tablet? (I have and use tablet talk...) my understanding was that you could use this without linking the two devices.
  3. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    I'll try and re-install it on my N7 today and let you know if I'm having the same problem.
  4. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    This app is like any other instant messenger except it uses your cell number. So anyone that uses this app in your contact, they will show up on the app. Because this app uses your cell number, it won't let you use it on multiple devices. Therefore, the answer to you question is 'no'...you can only use it one devices at a time.

    This app came in handy when I was in oversea and I wasn't able to use my cell phone.

    Hope that answers your questions.
  5. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Again, MySMS is completely different app than the Whatsapp. MySMS works very similar to Tablet Talk with some other features. MySMS is free and Tablet Talk is $2.99.
  6. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    yepp you did! thanks!

    i thought it would have worked like Yahoo Messenger where if one device is using the app, the other 'instances' of the app that are on other devices are automatically turned off or at least 'inactive' to receive msgs.

  7. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Yah, it would be nice if you could. I notice few other apps like KaoKao talk, WhatsApp, and etc does the same thing and only lets you use it on one device at time...kinda sucks if you ask me. :mad:
  8. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    Let me know if anyone has previous versions between v2.8.4776 and v2.8.8588 want me to try.
  9. kevinlufc

    kevinlufc Well-Known Member

    Has anyone from the UK manage to get Whatsapp to work?
  10. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    I have updated the instruction...try it now and see if it works.
  11. Caparsso

    Caparsso New Member

    It works!!!! thank you a lot freesunshine!!! Nice job!
  12. Nuj Fuj

    Nuj Fuj New Member

    Thanks to freesunshine for your reply.

    I live in the UK and I installed WhatsApp version 2.8.4776 using this method the day before yesterday. Of course, when I open the app it told me an update was available (which I dismissed as this version worked well) but then it told me that ver 2.8.4776 would only work for another 14 days.

    Just now I decided to have a go at downloading the newest version, installing it and using appguard to secure it. When I opened the application, it didn't ask me for anything apart from putting my number in. I take it there's a window of time where the 3 digit code entered for the previous version is still valid.

    The newest version is working perfectly for now. I'll update if there are any changes.

    UPDATE: Make sure the version you download is from their website. The Google Play version gave me the message "It looks like your client has been modified. Please download the latest version from Google Play".
  13. freeridz

    freeridz New Member

    Just got my nexus 7 from Play yesterday. I have done till step 5. Got the verification code from the whatsapp from my computer. The 3 digit. Then there's a problem with step 6. Instead of getting the input code when clicking 3 dots on bottom right corner. I get contact support message. Then i tried call option. Click back to the three dots and there's the input code option there. but when the 3 digit code (i use the one that I got when I first put my number into the whatsapp on PC) been input. still can't get connected to whatsapp. :(
  14. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    That's great to hear!
  15. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    What version of WhatsApp are you using? I know for sure the version 2.8.4776 works...few people, including me, confirmed it works. As to using the latest version follow Nuj-Fuj instruction above.
  16. freeridz

    freeridz New Member

    in appguard secured app list it says 2.8.4776
  17. freesunshine

    freesunshine Well-Known Member

    During step 2...did you let the AppGuard run it's course and un-install the app when it asked? The AppGuard will automatically re-intall the app. That's the only thing I can think of in your case.
  18. freeridz

    freeridz New Member

    somehow I managed to get it installed properly just now... ya I did let appguard uninstall the apps and reinstall a secured apps...

    If you wanna know how it got worked... I uninstall the secured whatsapp apps on appguard and make it install the original whatsapp apps... then I run whatsapp... it work out fine after I put my phone number...
  19. M81162

    M81162 Active Member

    I,ve just installed this on my Nexus 7 but now my phone is telling me that I can't have it on 2 devices. Is there a way around this?
  20. istoney

    istoney New Member


    All worked for me whatsapping on my nexus 7, I used my land land number so was able to keep whatsapp on my mobile also. Have two lane line number so gave whatsapp on the PC also

    Will upgrading cause me any issues??
  21. xewoox

    xewoox New Member

    I follow the above methods to install whatsapp in my nexus 7. I got this error message

    Sorry you have voice verification to many time. Please contact support.

    What can I do?
  22. rifrachman

    rifrachman New Member

    the whatsapp in bluestack gave me 6 digit code.

    the whatsapp in my tablet asked for 3 digit


    i downloaded apk from www.whatsapp.com/android then install it on my tablet. i still had the previous version installed and it was rejected the first time. so i uninstalled the previous version and install the new version. just in case i also uninstalled the one on bluestack

    input the phone number, which is actually on a feature phone. get the code SMS-ed to the phone. input the code to the tablet, and voile it works.

    dunno if it has anything to do with the appguard or not. my tablet is actually acer a501. 3G model, but as you know whatsapp doesn't work with any tablet whether it's wifi or 3G
  23. EdgarAlwers

    EdgarAlwers New Member

    BlueStacks App Player: I tryed to install it on my Windows running in VirtualBox. However, the application claims that it needs at least 2 GB of physical memory. Well, I have _exactly_ this 2 GB, but BlueStacks does not install. Any Ideas, how I could bypas this problem ?
  24. JerreVD

    JerreVD New Member

    I have the same problem on my Nexus 7 (no 3G) as rifrachman:

    Got a 6 digit code, can only enter a 3 digit code.

    Installing the new version didn't work for me.
    The new version (tried 2.8.8588 & 2.8.9070) gave me an error: "It looks like your client has been modified. Please download the lastest version from our website: whatsapp.com/android."

    Any other suggestions?
  25. baddie0

    baddie0 New Member

    I just ran into the same problem. What I did was install the linked older version of Whatsapp onto BlueStacks to get a 3 digit code to input into my Nexus. This worked for me. I then uninstalled Whatsapp from my Nexus 7 and installed the newest version downloaded from whatsapp.com/android and secured it.
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