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  1. SamungExpert

    SamungExpert New Member

    My internet has stopped working for my SG2 whenever i press on the internet icon, my screen turns white/blank and closes and goes to my home screen.

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    try settings, apps, manage apps , internet, clear data and cache
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  3. ritual

    ritual New Member

    Worked for me.. Thanks!
  4. neerajmittal

    neerajmittal New Member

    It worked for me as well. Thanks. Go to applications, settings, press internet explorer icon, clear cache & data
    Re-start phone;)
  5. sansh123

    sansh123 New Member

    respected members,
    my samsung galaxy s2 is rooted and is running stock jelly bean(4.1.2) and stock kernel.
    everytime i try to run the stock internet app. it shows a white screen. then turns black and my phone freezes completely so i need to reboot it by pressing the power button for 6 seconds.
    i tried clearing app caches and clear data. it did not work for me.
    i even did a factory reset but in vain.
    kindly help me regarding the same.
    even thought the stock internet app isint used much and i have freezed it for now. i would love to know how i can sort this problem out.

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