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  1. charak

    charak New Member

    When I try to open security in Setting I have this message: unfortunatly security setting has stopped. I am rooted....do I have to make a reset??:(

  2. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    I was just about to make a thread about this, I'm getting the same error and I need to add a lock pattern to keep my weird coworker out of my phone.
  3. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

  4. desarenezitic

    desarenezitic Well-Known Member

    Presume you tried a reboot, clearing caches, dalvik etc? Are you running stock rooted or custom ROM? Info might help someone help you.
  5. kalaster

    kalaster Well-Known Member

    I for one am using the stock ROM, and it is rooted. I have tried wiping cache and dalvik cache. Whenever I try to open the security settings, the entire settings will force close and tell me the security settings have stopped working. I did a factory reset last week to fix a signal issue, but only noticed this a few days ago.

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