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  1. khernández99

    khernández99 New Member

    So I have Skype and Whatsapp. A contact on my Skype has whatsapp and I didn't know because I just got it. So I got on my contacts and saw that he was on my contacts list and it had a Skype icon and whatsapp icon. So, I accidentally deleted his whatsapp contact and it said something about a read only contact.

    How can I unhide his contact?

  2. kannyyoung

    kannyyoung New Member

    I did this and wonder how to unhide as well.

    the steps I use are :

    open CONTACTS
    menu: Contacts to display

    now go all the way to the bottom to
    customised list: and touch the gear symbol

    go to the app that you hid it from (FB, viber ,whatapps and sellect the "V")

    check the "all contact" box"

    it should now appear.

    then go back to step 1, and select the contacts you want to appear.

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