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  1. rcschmie

    rcschmie New Member

    Running Android 4.0; installed several games, and after a couple of weeks, the games don't play properly, do strange things, crash. Uninstalled the games, and reinstalled them. The games still play erratically and crash. Other functions and programs work normally. When uninstalling, does some code from the program remain? Windows can do this with it's registry. Is there some way to ensure a complete uninstall of a program ?? Help is appreciated.

  2. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    The uninstall process will be different for different applications, just like in windows. Some apps leave stuff behind and that can be useful if you are upgrading to a paid app after trialling a free version or re-installing when you're having problems and don't want to lose all your settings, game saves or other data .

    Afaik, the only way to guarantee a clean uninstall is factory reset, but then you'll lose everything. Plus it may not fix the problem. Android 4.0 is fairly new. Most apps were written for 3.2 or earlier and may not work properly with 4.0. just like WinXP programs may not run properly or at all with Win7.

    That is the reason I have held off updating to 4.0. Honeycomb 3,2.1 works OK for me and there's nothing in 4.0 that is going to change my world. It might be a bit faster and slicker but the trade off is the risk of incompatibility with existing apps.
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  3. rcschmie

    rcschmie New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I'll try using a file manager to find and remove residual files left behind by programs.
  4. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

  5. kenji57

    kenji57 Well-Known Member

    I shoulda read my own advice:eek: I finally updated to ICS and now I've got problems with apps that won't run. lol

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