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uninstall WIFISupport

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  1. eliben99

    eliben99 New Member


    I have LG OPTIMUS P500.

    I must uninstall the wifi, and I cant do it from the regular way in the phone..

    Could some one explain me how can I do it please?

    I understand that I need to "root" the phone or something, but I have no ide how can I do it...

    PLEASE HELP!:confused:

  2. cognus

    cognus Well-Known Member

    I don't know of a safe way to do that short of building a custom ROM, which I doubt anyone would do for you. the FIRST thing a custom ROM dev would want to do is make CERTAIN WIFI functions right.

    If you have the stock/latest ROM installed correctly, you can root easily enough with SuperOneClick. Then you can see for yourself what happens when you try to excise WIFI.


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