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  1. Baboontyme

    Baboontyme Active Member

    Wondering if someone who knows more about the settings might be able to suggest something here.

    I work out of my home and my office is in my basement. Despite being in a populated area with a high signal strength, my signal in my basement is very poor - usually between 0 and 2 bars. I had to set up an Airave so that I can take business calls in my office that come in on my mobile.

    Originally was getting HORRIBLE battery life, but I made the change to CDMA Auto and also changed the Network under Roaming Settings to Sprint Only. In addition I did the power on/off battery charge sync.

    Battery life improved greatly with these three changes when I made them last weekend (when I'm not downstairs as much). During the work week, I noticed my battery life seemed to be getting worse.

    Today, I was outside all day with great signal strength, and I'm going on 14 hrs and still have 70% remaining.

    This basically confirms to me what I suspected - my phone is still doing something when I'm in my basement with the low signal that is draining the battery at a higher rate. When I am in my basement using the "About Phone" information under settings, I am without signal upwards of 75% of the time. Elsewhere it's less than 10% of the time without signal.

    Any ideas?

    If you did not know, the Airave only works for voice-calls and only boosts your signal when a call is coming in or going out. My phone still shows 0-2 bars until I hit send or answer a call when in my basement. The Airave does not support data.

    Other items - I have the phone set to check my personal e-mail account every hour. I have my Exchange account on Push (which I don't want to change). I leave Nav off, Wifi off, Bluetooth off. No 4G in my area so it is off, as well. I have Google Talk off, don't use Facebook so all FB settings are off.

    Can't think of anything else.

    Your help is appreciated.

  2. shappy

    shappy Well-Known Member

    I work from home too and I noticed that when I was working downstairs I was only getting 1 or 2 bars of signal strength. While upstairs I was almost maxed out, but I spend 99% of the day downstairs. My EVO battery life was less than ideal.

    Then I started keeping my wifi on all the time and my battery life dramatically increased. I get 50-75 push emails every day from my work exchange and gmail accounts. My battery life would be almost 70% after 12 hours.

    Here is one recent screen shot of my battery usage:

    So you might want to try keeping your wifi on too when at home.
  3. Baboontyme

    Baboontyme Active Member

    Thanks shappy....I will give that a try. Anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this if roaming and GSM are off?

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