Unique Wireless malfunction after Stratophere root

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  1. thurzatuhl

    thurzatuhl New Member

    This problem is unique in that re-flashing the kernel, hard resetting the phone, or disabling mobile data has not solved it.

    I flashed my phone according to RootzWiki's "[KERNEL] [GUIDE] Root Your Stratosphere! :)" article. Everything went well after my phone rebooted except that my wireless was off by default, and I got the dreaded "Unable to scan networks" message so many people have gotten.

    I restarted, I soft reset, I hard reset numerous times, I reinstalled the kernel 7 times, and I disabled mobile data, but the problem persists. I really doubt it is a hardware issue as it arose literally immediately after rooting. I'm not sure where to go from here, perhaps another kernel? Thanks in advance.

  2. thurzatuhl

    thurzatuhl New Member

    This is lame. I'm sorry I put this post up. As soon as I installed a different ROM the problem was instantly fixed XD. Much apologies and thanks for the 12 people who viewed. Hope this gets taken down or something.
  3. gregchak

    gregchak Member

    What ROM did you install?

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