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Unitology V1.0A

  1. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey guys :) in the near future ill be releasing this theme :) i bet all the dead space fans will enjoy it :) itll be red and black(colors of the.marker) im hoping to have a nice notification pull down animation with a spinning marker itll be available for the ZTE Warp if people with other phones want it when it comes out youll have to let me.know and ill make it available for your particular phone :)

  2. stealthtank91

    stealthtank91 Member

    Sounds promising, I love Dead Space, and a theme based on the marker would be awesome. It would be cool if you could include the marker fonts throughout the theme, the ones that are seen scribbled on walls in the game. Looking forward to it.
  3. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thats the plan i wanna have that writing all over the theme its going to go alongside the remake of my ROM so im going to make this theme AVAILABLE for everyone not just ZTE warp users
  4. stealthtank91

    stealthtank91 Member

    Sounds great, can't wait :)
  5. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

  6. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    There is a screenshot of the font i will include with the theme dont worry it wont be standard haha you can so use it if you choose
  7. Aveolite

    Aveolite New Member

    Hey I just came across this.. has the theme ever been completed?.. I have a samsung galaxy s3
  8. kiranj draco

    kiranj draco Member

    yea.. I was wondering bout tat... sounds real promising..:)

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