"unknown artist" file and album artwork

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  1. lowman

    lowman New Member

    When I sync album to galaxy 3 the first song always goes into a new unknown artist file. Even when I simply copy album (windows). The music files never show an unknown artist file. I hope this has been addressed here, but I'm new. Also, I get rediculous, pointless pics instead of album artwork. I do not program, am very basic w/ phone knowledge. Thanks

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hello and ni hao lowman welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Yes I'm sure this has come up before, the "Unknown" problem, and wierd things happening with album art. Have you been using Apple iTunes to manage your music library? Apparently some players can have problems with a particular way iTunes handles MP3 ID3 tagging. The fix is either use a different Android media player app, or retag your MP3 library using something like MP3Tagger or Winamp.

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