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  1. hotdogwater

    hotdogwater Active Member

    On the lockscreen, on the second slide down thing there is an ! with unknown beside it. After you unlock the phone you can't find that notification any where! Does anyone know what it is trying to tell me or how to clear it?

    Already checked the notification bar and went and cleared the ram. Still the same.

    I have factory reset the phone one time and it went away, but then came back in a day

  2. hotdogwater

    hotdogwater Active Member

    look like it might be a handcent issue.

    from another user:
    The one time it didn't go away fairly quickly was when I had Handcent SMS installed and had configured my phone to use it and it's notifications, generally disabling the stock Messaging app and it's notifications. It stayed "unknown" while I had Handcent installed. When I removed Handcent and turned the stock SMS app back on it went back to showing the date.

    I have let handcent know about the bug.

    update #1
    It seems if you turn off notifications in the Stock messaging app it gets cranky.
    I turned them back on and it shows the time on the bottom lock screen.
    I then went back and turned them back off and the time stayed, we'll see how long.
  3. highfalutin

    highfalutin New Member

    I had this problem too on my Sidekick 4G. I am using Handcent but I don't know if that's the cause for me.

    What I did to solve this problem: I went into the stock messaging app, into the menu, where I chose "Browser Message". (This menu option is not always present, but apparently shows up when you get a message from your cell carrier.) There was one message listed, and I deleted it. After that, my lock screen displayed the date again.

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