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  1. JayBlay77

    JayBlay77 Member

    If there's a better place for this, mods feel free to move it.

    So with eventuality of tiered data and the ending of one year contracts this Sunday, I, like many, was thinking about going with the Thunderbolt for one year to lock in the unlimited data and then get an upgrade in a year to the more mature LTE phones.

    Obviously the hope is that Verizon will grandfather in the unlimited data for 4g as long as you're not changing contract requirements ie 5g comes out so you need a 5g plan.

    However since this is the last time for a one year contract, would it possibly void my ability to be grandfathered in because I would be changing from a one year to a two year contract versus already having a two year contract and renewing it?


  2. oresteez

    oresteez Member

    If you buy a TB..let's say...tomorrow... you will be signing a 1 year contract with your TB and have unlimited data. When the contract is up, your plan will switch to "month to month" and you will still keep unlimited data.

    If 1 year from now you try to buy a new phone with a new contract, then you will be giving up your unlimited and will need to choose a tiered plan. Your only option to keep unlimited data at that point would be to buy a phone off contract or pay full price and then activate it.
  3. JayBlay77

    JayBlay77 Member

    Hmm ok. So suppose then that I went and got the TB tomorrow by signing a 2 year contract with unlimited data. When the contract is up and I renew it, would that be the only way to possibly get grandfathered in with unlimited data?
  4. slinky

    slinky Well-Known Member

    Maybe. When you are month to month, either party can terminate the agreement.
  5. They could still grandfather you in like at&t did after that 1 year nobody knows for sure though so I would ask verizon and see what they say.

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