Unlimited wifi vs Unlimited Data

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  1. macroid

    macroid Member

    Hi all.

    I'm considering switching my network provider to 3 who are offering me unlimited data. However the contract O2 have offered me only provides me with 500mb data, and unlimited wi fi. I do heavily use the internet, but my job takes me around the the north and south of England. Does anyone have any experience of an using the unlimited wifi in different areas? I'm assuming that an unlimited data plan would mean I would never have to worry about connecting to a wireless network?

    Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    My experience of connecting to the BT Fon/Openreach Hotspots is pretty bad. I've only managed to successfully browse etc once. It will connect and authenticate, but when browsing the internet, most pages bring the page cannot be displayed error.

    Who do O2 use? BT I presume?

    IMO, you'd be better off with 3.
  3. LionelGrant

    LionelGrant Member

    Given the choice between the WIFI or unlimited data, I'd say go for unlimited data (provided that you opt for the option from the 3 network that offers unlimited free tethering which is The One Plan).

    Reasoning is that if you are relying on WIFI is means finding a compatible WIFI hub which isn't too hard in built up areas but if you're out and about it might be hard to find one which leaves you without Internet. Also watch out whether the WIFI from Orange is truly "unlimited" and does not have an onerous "fair use policy".

    By using The One Plan on 3 you can tether whererver you are and it truly is unlimited data transfer. It costs about
  4. sharrinn

    sharrinn New Member

    Change to Giff gaff. For a tenner u get unlimited data unlimited txts and 250 mins call time
  5. Tattycakes

    Tattycakes Well-Known Member Contributor

    I was on an O2 contract and my data just kept going up and up with all the new features on my new android handset.

    I was paying

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