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Unlink ringer and notification volume?? Please helpSupport

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  1. bruce19831983

    bruce19831983 Member

    I just got the Galaxy Nexus and found that I cannot unlink the ringer and notification volume. Does anyone have a workaround or app for this?

    I've tried quick profiles pro, audio manager, and several other ones that are similar and every time I adjust the volume for ringer, it adjusts the notification volume also. I need to be able to leave my phone ringer on while keeping txt and emails silent.

  2. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    Simply set the default notification to silent.
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  3. bruce19831983

    bruce19831983 Member

    Dubblin1, Thanks, that is a great idea for a workable solution if I only used one default notification for every single app. I just tested this and since I have two different email accounts with different notifications, silencing the default notification only works on that one while my other email notification comes through loud and clear. I'm wondering if there is a streamlined, easy way to do this, like how quickprofiles pro allows users to quickly and easily select a sound profile.
  4. 4424

    4424 Member

    I use My Profiles. It very easily lets you separate these for each profile you want.
  5. bruce19831983

    bruce19831983 Member

    My Profiles did the same as the other apps I've tried. I changed the notification to nearly silent, ringer to max and when I tested it by calling my phone, the ringtone came in nearly silent.
  6. 4424

    4424 Member

    strange, works fine for me. i click on volume, then unclick "use ringtone volume for notifications" and set the notification volume. i'm not sure why but seems to work for me. i did just what you asked, notification to silent, ringer to max.
  7. bruce19831983

    bruce19831983 Member

    I unchecked "use ringtone volume for notifications", set ringer volume to max, notification volume to off. I tried calling my phone and again the ringer was nearly silent. Are you using this app on the Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich? My theory is that in ICS they (for some reason) linked ringer and notification volume together. This seems counter intuitive though because the older android versions were great in that you had the freedom to change the different volumes as you please.
  8. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    ics does seem to have broken any of the profile apps that require seperation of ringtone and notification. I worked around it by downloading a silent mp3 and using it for notifications in any profile that I wanted to be able to hear the phone but not notifications. seems to work fine.
  9. slopppy

    slopppy Member

    Hi all,

    This has been bugging me since moving to ICS also, so I wrote an app to work around it! I just published it today. I can't post the link since I'm only new here, but search the market for "ICS Enhanced Volume Control".

    It's still a work in progress, but it's fully functional and gives (I believe) a good solution to this issue!


  10. Neera

    Neera Well-Known Member

    Sounds very interesting Slopppy. :)
    I looked at your app in the market, but I am still a bit confused.
    Did I get this right? When the app is running the ringer volume is determined by the settings in your app and the notification volume is still being determined by the original ICS setting?
    For example: I would like my ringer on 100% volume, but the notifications only on 50%.

    How is battery drain with your app running full time?

    I admit I am a bit turned off by the rather steep price tag just to try it out since it is brand new and no reviews yet.
    But if it works as I described above I would definitely be willing to pay for it.
  11. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I use Volume Control + in the market. It gives you the option to set different volumes.
  12. Neera

    Neera Well-Known Member

    Tried it a while ago, but the app still didn't separate ringer and notification volumes although it presents the options for it. The volumes were still linked for me. :(

    If it works now I would give the app another try. Maybe an update fixed it?
  13. Certifried

    Certifried Member

    Even when the box is unchecked to link ringer and notification, they're still locked in the volume adjustment screen. Just tested (Galaxy Nexus,1/31)
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  14. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

    I just saw that AOKP milestone 3 is out and has this as an option. I haven't tried it, but there ya go...
  15. slopppy

    slopppy Member

    Hi mate, yep it works exactly as you described, notification volume is set as per normal with the notification volume in Android, and ringer volume is determined by the settings in my app.

    I've had it running for about 4 days on my phone now and seen no noticeable difference in battery life. None of my testers had made any negative comments about affects on battery life either. It really doesn't do anything unless you are either making changes on the settings screen, or a phonecall is incoming. The rest of the time it is really a dormant process.

    Just FYI I'm working on adding in a separate volume/vibration for incoming SMSs right now :)
  16. phantomash

    phantomash Well-Known Member

  17. bruce19831983

    bruce19831983 Member

  18. JRock58

    JRock58 New Member

    My wife and I were discussing this very topic searching for answers ... as we recently upgraded from HTC Evo's to Samsung Galaxy S3's ...

    I found that if you DISABLE the NOTIFICATION OPTIONS ON THE SPECIFIC APP that is driving you insane with constant or frequent notification ... it relieves some headache.

    Other posts stated lowering volume of general phone notification works somewhat for them.

    However if you want to differentiate between, for example, an email app and texting app, disabling the notification sound in the app's options has worked for us.

    Good fortune and rock on!
  19. Neera

    Neera Well-Known Member

    I have been using an app called "Smart Sound Profiles" for quite some time now and it works like a charm. Now I am finally able to select different volumes for ringer and notifications.

    Play Store link: Smart Sound Profiles

    There is also a free trial version available.

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