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unlock aria

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  1. mizzjones

    mizzjones New Member

    I have the HTC aria and need it unlocked. I called at&t and they said they couldn't give me th the code. Can someone please help me unlock it for free or know is a website that does.

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  2. john42adam

    john42adam New Member

    I am also using Htc aria,when i purchased it was locked,then i went to www.htcunlocknow.com and they give me my unlock code and they charge very less in comparison to other sites.MY HTC PHONE IS BEST.

    You can go for it

    Enjoy ur Htc phone
  3. AndrewAmazed

    AndrewAmazed Active Member

    It's hard to find anywhere to get it for free. There are a bundle of sites where you have to pay for it, but yeah just try find the cheapest.
  4. john42adam

    john42adam New Member

    Hi ,
    go to www.htcunlocknow.com it will help you..

  5. mmiller2002

    mmiller2002 Well-Known Member

    How do these sites get the codes? From ATT?
  6. sphoenixr

    sphoenixr New Member


    I just got unlock codes to two phones. One was the HTC Aria and it was only $8 via Paypal/ E-bay. I looked all over and it seemed like everyone I found, If I searched their name I would find reviews that said save your money, this is a scam. I finally decided to go with E-bay. Most of them said they had to mail them via snail mail because of some electronic or digital commerce law. All the comments seemed to say that they had their codes within an hour so, because of the reputation of e-bay, I went ahead.

    So I'm not sure I understand it, but I think it said since this is my first post I can't copy a web site in my message? So here it is in pieces:

    stores. ebay.

    com/ FastUnlocker?



    Anyway, there are plenty to choose from, but I know for sure that this one works. FastUnlocker. My wife's Pantech was only $5.

    It was weird though. When I looked up their name and found their regular website outside of e-bay, they were charging a "special" priceof $34.95 down from $50, so definitely go to e-bay.

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