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unlock for tmobile? call quality etc...General

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  1. hixsonalex

    hixsonalex New Member

    Hey everyone my first post of many hopefully :D

    Ive been dieing for a good physical keyboard droid phone for a while now. I have been using a G1 for a while now and im still stuck in Tmobile contract for another 5 months and this phone just isnt cutting it anymore.

    so my questions are as follows...

    1. I know this phone has a sim card slot and can be used global so i was wondering where i could get an unlock code for it so i can use it on tmobile.

    2. What is the call quality like? I have horrid hearing and the g1 drives me nuts so i was wondering if i would need to get a good bluetooth with this or if it works well.

    3. i know noone will have a legit answer to this but... if 96% of verizons customers only use 2gbs of data or less than why are they changing their whole priceing system for 4% of users???...

    other than that the phone seems AMAZING!!!!!!! and i cant wait to hopefully get good reviews on it and go buy it today.

  2. cozz

    cozz Well-Known Member

    i don't think there is a way to unlock it to work on t-mobile. i read somewhere (forgot where, sorry) that the sim-card is certain type that wouldn't work on t-mobile or other U.S carriers. i'm not sure if there will eventually be a way around this once the phone is rooted or if it actually has to do with the antenna itself, but personally i wouldn't get my hopes up.

    call quality has been pretty good most of the time. i've experienced some static and a 'tinny' or metalic sound sometimes, and have had to ask callers to repeat a few things, but that only seems to happen when my phone has 1 or 2 bars. with full bars the sound is quite clear.

    and my guess of why they changed their data plans was simply because they can in order to make more money, and with the upcoming changes with the buying of other carriers limiting people's options.
  3. Grecho

    Grecho Well-Known Member

    This will support as the droid 3, Does support the US GSM Bands (850, and 1900) Even better you will get 3g data as that is on 2100mHz im pretty sure.

    I recently went through a hassle trying to unlock a previously owned device from Verizon, finally after 3 attempts of phone calls, I went into the store, the first thing they said was that I had to call! Here is the catch, you have to call Verizon GLOBAL support, she even said the people should have transfered me on the orignal verizon calls. Anyhow, Global support was more then helpful, and gave me the unlock code within 5 min.

    SO, buy it, activate it, and call global support.

    from moto site
  4. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    it won't work.
  5. rewd

    rewd Active Member

    OK. These kind of replies are infuriating. Do you actually know or are you just saying that? Because your not providing any reasons or facts to back up your responses in these threads.

    WHY wont the D3 work on other networks? When you look at the spec sheet and see the GSM frequencies the phone supports it would seem to state otherwise.

    I mean honestly when people are looking for information why bother posting such crap replies?
  6. cozz

    cozz Well-Known Member

  7. booster944

    booster944 New Member

    The radio is capable of ATT 3g/fake 4g, tmobile edge, however, verizon has disabled this on D3 software loads. You will need a leaked radio software update from a moto person to enable these bands on your D3 for it to work... it does exist, im sure it will find its way to the interwebs eventually...
  8. rewd

    rewd Active Member

    That's interesting. So theoretically this could be a fairly decent AT&T HSPA+ phone if you live in an area covered by that (which I do) and want s QWERT if someone is able to unlock it. From what I'm reading the D2G had a similar lockdown. Was anyone ever able to figure out how to get that phone to work on other networks?

    What about the upcoming Canadian version? That probably wont be so locked down since its being marketed as a GSM "4G" phone right?
  9. bsweetness

    bsweetness Well-Known Member

    Realistically, you'll more than likely never going to be able to use the Verizon Droid 3 on AT&T or T-Mobile. Those bands are locked out, even with the SIM slot unlocked. You'd need to have a pre-release version of the phone or be able to get a hold of some serious files from Motorola. Neither of which is likely to happen.
  10. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    You are all wrong & right. The D3 will work on Tmobile but not in the US. Once the SIM slot is unlocked you can use a Tmobile EU card and use it in EU or anywhere else EXCEPT the USA. That has been my experience with every VZW worldphone. In the US it will switch to CDMA or complain in GSM mode. This has nothing to do with what GSM bands the phone supports. It simply will not allow authentication on AT&T and Tmobile USA towers.

    If you want a USA Tmobile phone, go buy a G2X or captivate or whatever.

    Oh BTW, someone got an INC2 working on TMobile uk. And this post is really interesting!
    He's using a smaller USA GSM carrier sim and it works.
  11. Nickcherryhill

    Nickcherryhill New Member

    Lars' answer seems absolutely correct

    For what it's worth, my experience seems to demonstrate that the D3 will not work within the US on GSM. Verizon WILL unlock the phone to use with GSM and any carrier outside of the US. I was able to do that yesterday with my new D3.
  12. rewd

    rewd Active Member

    How about the Canadian version of the D3? The one coming to Bell I think? They are advertising it as "4G" in Canada since they are almost all HSPA+ enabled up there. Could this be unlocked and used a GSM carrier in the US?
  13. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping. Trying to switch the company from Sprint to t-mobile and can't fathom doing it if the 4g Slide is the premier slider. Can't stand the design. Like slapping a dual core processor and nice camera on an aged feature phone.
  14. christr

    christr Member

    I've got my Droid 3 unlocked and no, it will NOT register on AT&T or T-Mobile in the US with any SIM. Tried my UK sim's and no dice. It will work perfectly fine after being unlocked with any sim anywhere but inside the US.

    Kinda stinks actually... my Touch Pro 2 worked fine in the US with a foreign SIM (just not a US Tmobile or AT&T sim which is fine). So now I still have to carry 2phones around to keep both numbers handy. With the TP2 I could just switch in software whenever I wanted.

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  15. aostang

    aostang Well-Known Member

    Let me look into this for you guys. Basically all they've done is block country code 310 for the GSM radio. If it's in NVRAM of the modem (likely) I can probably find a way around it.

    Oh.. and the Milestone 2 from Canada works on AT&T without modding, so I don't see why the Milestone 3 wouldn't work here in the US, too.
  16. joeb1999

    joeb1999 Member

    Why would anyone ever wanna use tmobile or att? Don't they both suck? I just sayin.
  17. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    outside of data speeds at my house, Tmob has been comparable to Sprint for me in the Philly area. And if I switch the company over we'll be saving $6k per year. So...no.
  18. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    dude calm down. I usually try to give people quick and to the point answers instead of rambling. VZW locks the phone so that it can't be used on any other US carrier. It doesn't matter that it has all of the Freq's for use. Those are only used when traveling internationally. If you don't like the answers your getting try that thing called Google search. When i left my comment there were already numerous articles talking about this very subject.

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