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Unlock Help. NEED KIES US DownloadSupport

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  1. Aaron11

    Aaron11 New Member

    Im trying to unlock my Samsung Infuse 4G. I followed a tutorial on youtube that wouldve worked perfectly, but i found out that Samsung Kies doesnt work with US Infuse's. Now Im screwed pretty much. My phone isnt able to sync to my computer, so when I run the bat file it won't find the connection and give me the code.:mad:

    Does anyone have a link for the US Kies download, have a program that will sync the infuse with my pc, or any other ideas?

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ignore the part about root, and just follow the instructions for unlocking. It doesn't require Kies. The only other thing you'll need is another carrier's SIM to temporarily insert in order to be prompted to enter the unlock code.

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