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Unlock HTC Legend?

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  1. AdamKaoru

    AdamKaoru Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm coming from an iPhone, so I am used to a free software unlock, how would I go about unlocking an HTC Legend? I really don't believe that you actually have to pay $20 to unlock these Android phones... Seriously?

    Also, what can I do with it while it's not unlocked?

    Let me know please! Thanks!

  2. silverahze13

    silverahze13 New Member

    It's as easy as that. Just bought Virgin HTC legend two days ago and got an unlock code for $10.00. 10 minutes lated got the code and unlocked my legend. I'll PM you the site I got the code from.
  3. armado

    armado New Member

    Silverhaze... I bought a HTC legend locked to Bell mobility yesterday. I would like to use it on Rogers network. Could you please PM me the name of the site where I can get an unlock code.
  4. gstyle_1

    gstyle_1 New Member

    Hi there I have had my legend for a couple of weeks and love it, coming from a crackberry its like night and day. I imgaine that my phone is locked to bell, How do you go about unlocking it. any help would be great, where can I get a code from? and how do you use it?

  5. silverahze13

    silverahze13 New Member

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  6. tuck

    tuck New Member

    Any other method to unlock the phone?
  7. mgillespie

    mgillespie Well-Known Member

    The Unlock code is fro SIMLOCK, so you can use it on other carriers.

    Different to rooting. Android does not need Jailbreaking (there is a setting that allows app installing from untrusted sources including SDCard)
  8. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    I used unlock2go... I paid about 20 bucks... but 15 minutes later i got the code in an email... worked perfectly.
  9. dpisco

    dpisco Member

    Hey guys just picked up a legend from virgin and i am with rogers. if i do get an unlock code to unlock this phone will i be able to use it to its full capabilities? for example would i be able to use gps, wifi, 3g, because i've heard of people not being able to use these things unlocked using it with rogers/fido.
  10. Ry0579

    Ry0579 Member

    You can unlock the phone and will be able to use it to its full capabilities.
    I'm also using my unlocked bell htc legend on rogers network.
  11. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    I'm using a virgin mobile legend on fido (rogers) too!
  12. vc15

    vc15 New Member

    silverahze13, could you please PM me the site for the $10 unlock code for HTC legend locked to Virgin, too? Thanks!
  13. ranavaibhav

    ranavaibhav New Member

    silverahze13, could you please PM me the site also.. thanks..
  14. acschong

    acschong New Member


    Can you email me the site for $10 code ? Thanks
  15. Jlucch

    Jlucch New Member

    I just got the htc legend, looking to unlocked to use it on rogers network as well. could you PM me the site aswell? thanks
  16. Al1217

    Al1217 New Member

    I just bought an HTC Legend and would like to know the $10 code, could you please PM me plz? Thanx
  17. amandaki10

    amandaki10 New Member

    May I please have the pm for the unlock code?
  18. yourasquid

    yourasquid New Member

    can u send me the site too please
  19. patmartino

    patmartino New Member

    I bet you're tired of answering people about the $10 unlock code over a year, but could you help me on this one? could you please send me the website on a PM?

    thanks mate!
  20. anomi

    anomi New Member

    I also would like to unlock my virgin htc legend. silverhaze, would it be possible to send us that $10 unlock code? we want to use it in europe, hopefully this will work? also, i should unlock it while it still has service, right? (i am ending the contract this sunday)
  21. anju

    anju Member

    It is difficult to unlock your HTC legend mobile from network lock using software...Instead of using software ,you may use code to unlock it.....It is the easiest way to unlock it....You can get the unlock code and instructions from here www.theunlockspot.com at reasonable cost and unlock it successfully...if you not unlock your mobile,you can't use any other gsm sim card in it.......
  22. teedtheone

    teedtheone New Member

    whats the site u got it for 10$ on?
  23. sseaboyer

    sseaboyer New Member

    What site did you use to unlock your ledgen?? I just bought one that i need to unlock for the rogers network.

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