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Unlock keypad during callSupport

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  1. peurbach

    peurbach Member

    Page 25 of the manual states: "When receiving and making calls, this [proximity] sensor automatically turns the backlight off and locks the touch keypad by sensing when the phone is near your ear. This xtends battery life and prevents the touch keypad from activating unintentionally during calls."

    The unfortunate result of this is that when you are making a call and you get a recorded answer asking you to hit a key to make a menu choice, you cannot do it. Is there someway of turning this on and off?

  2. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    As it states the phone is only locked when you put your ear up to the phone. Once it's away from the phone it will become unlocked. Unless you type with the phone on your ear then you should be fine.

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