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  1. JerJer142

    JerJer142 New Member

    I'm looking for a way to have my Droid Eris automatically:
    1. unlock when I get a notification, such as a text or e-mail, and
    2. show on the screen what the notification was.
    I've looked through many different settings but to no avail. Any suggestions?

    Example: When my old iPhone received a text message, I could take it out of my pocket even when it was locked (with no password) and see the message (not the notification) instantly without having to do anything else.

  2. Jevid

    Jevid Well-Known Member

    Well, it's note exactly the same, but at the very bottom of the unlock screen, if it's an SMS, you will see who it's from & the first bit of the message. You still have to unlock to view it. Not sure if it does the same thing for email. Good question though - I'll be curious to see if anybody has an answer.
  3. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    I downloaded a notification app, and it popped up a box on the home page when I got an SMS. It's called SMS popup.

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