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Unlock Pattern/Google Sign InSupport

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  1. Prince Xisor

    Prince Xisor New Member

    I recently applied an unlock pattern to my G1, but whilst on a night out, I got the pattern wrong one too many times. Because of this it asked me to sign in using my email address and password. Now this is where the real problem starts, I have tried on multiple occasions to sign in, in this manner. However my G1 is saying that the email address or password is wrong, and I'm pretty sure it's not as I've signed into my google account this morning using the same details with no problems! Has anyone else experienced this issue? And do you have any advice? (besides taking it into a T-Mobile store which is what I'll be doing tomorrow.)

  2. golfpedaler

    golfpedaler Member

    I had the same problem...I called T-Mobile Tech Support and the only way to resolve the problem was a HARD reset of the phone. Hopefully you have backed up recently...Good Luck
  3. antiskeptic

    antiskeptic Member

    You'll need to "clean" out the phone and start over again with a reset to factory settings:

    Power off the device, Hold the home key while turning it back on. Once you see a triangle with exclamation point open the keyboard and hit Alt+L then Alt+W

    Note this will bring you back to the "new phone" state and you'll need to re-create your gmail account etc.

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