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Unlock to use like an iTouchGeneral

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  1. Bphone

    Bphone New Member

    I have someone that wants to buy my Vortex. All he wants to do is use it as a mp3 player, and to use the wifi, he does not want to use it as a phone. Is there a way to unlock the phone to do this?

    I have already done a factory reset on the phone...

  2. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

    I plan on passing mine on to someone for the same purpose. It won't just let you use it without service? What happens?
  3. Bphone

    Bphone New Member

    When you do a factory reset the phone restarts to the activation screen and there is no way around it. I called Verizon and they were very accomodating and fixed it for me to use as just a PC (pocket computer).

    I am assuming that it can be changed back if someone wanted to use it as a phone again
  4. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

    Good to know, thanks for the follow up!
  5. Yeah, when you're at the reset screen where it asks for your language, press volume up, volume down, back button, search. I've had to do that a lot just because the setup won't work since I'm rooted.

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