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  1. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Just bought one these and waiting for it to arrive. The phone, i believe is locked to T-Mobile so i will obv. need to get ulocked to use my Vodafone sim. Does anyone here know of a decent site that has the capability to unlock the Wildfire?

  2. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Just to let you guys know, HTCsimUnlock.com unlocked my Wildfire with no problems.
  3. savvy

    savvy Member

    Hi, I've got mine on T-mobile and it's also got annoying T-mobile boot screens and firmware, do you know how to get rid of that too?

    I'll give the unlocking a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  4. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I think you need HTC Sync(amongst other things) to Debrand. The current version of HTC Sync isn't compatible with the Wildfire and HTC are currently updating the software. I am also interested in doing this and would be happy to receive more qualified advice.
  5. James24

    James24 Member

    Sorry to hijack the thread somewhat, but i've been having trouble unlocking my wildfire, also tied to T-Mobile.

    I've taken the handset into my local phone unlocking shop who have told me that the IMEI request to the HTC server is coming back as 'code rejected' or words to that effect.

    Is it wise to try elsewhere or am I stuck with a lemon ?:D

    I get the feeling if I try elsewhere it's going to be the same result...assuming these unlocking shops all use the same resources...hmmmm
  6. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I had my code within 30min of ordering from HTCsimUnlock.com.
  7. James24

    James24 Member

    I saw you mentioned that site earlier.

    Do you know where these guys get their codes from though ? I thought for the the IMEI unlock via HTC, the requests all go through to the same server?

    I just don't want to end up paying a website and going through more hassle trying to get a refund :(
  8. James24

    James24 Member

    Just an update, have given the htc unlock website you mentioned a go.

    3 hours and not a sausage from them.

    Really don't understand how this all works, spoke to T-Mobile who the phone is locked to and they said the manufacturers don't release the codes for 3 months, but then I don't see how other people have got their handsets unlocked:confused:
  9. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Ok James, did you go back to the site and log into the members area?
  10. James24

    James24 Member

    Yeah, filled in the extra info straight after about the network it was tied to.

    Oder just says processing with coming up to 6hrs elapsed.

    The last time I had a handset unlocked was an old Nokia 6230i, things were simpler back then :D
  11. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Did you input your IMEI number as well, sorry if these questions seem basic. I spoke to a person recently who ordered the code but never went back to the site with their details.
  12. James24

    James24 Member

    Hey, yeah everything was filled in correctly.

    Got an email back eventually with a refund from paypal and an explanation as to what happened.

    It turns out the handset was manufactured very recently and the code isn't available yet from HTC, they told me it takes around 3 - 6 weeks from the actual manufacture date for the codes to be uploaded onto the HTC database.

    Guess i'll just use my old phone and give it another try in a week or two!:)
  13. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Nice one, at least you got your money back.
  14. iconnj

    iconnj Member

    Got mine done from HTCsimUnlock.com for 11.99 + VAT. I received my unlock code within a couple of minutes.
  15. volvo940seturbo

    volvo940seturbo Well-Known Member

    Well the price HTCsimUnlock.com are charging is brilliant, but can anyone confirm, that after the phone has been unlocked, do any future updates effect the unlock?

    Will the phone get locked again if you update to say 2.2?

    Have to say, my son has a desire, and I have the Xperia X10 on both orange and voda. But after having ago with his desire, I decided I needed to get an htc, saw the wildfire in the 3 shop and was taken with it straight away, and at
  16. James24

    James24 Member

    It's not a software flash for the handset, it's an unlock code from the phone manufacturer so the handset im 99.9% certain will be perfectly fine for you to do whatever the hell you want with it :D

    Just be warned, if your handset is super new manufacturing date the codes are almost impossible to come by right now. I've now tried several places online and local stores. I've just given the premium, super new unlock service mentioned above a go and will post results here.

    HTCsimunlock actually worked out around
  17. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    I have just flashed(debranded) my phone to the generic HTC rom and it remained unlocked. A good sign methinks...
  18. volvo940seturbo

    volvo940seturbo Well-Known Member

    Where and how can I debrand my wildfire please.
  19. James24

    James24 Member

    Finally...finally, unlocked it through the website that posted a couple of posts up:D

    Any idea how you flash these things ? I'd ultimately like to get it flashed with Three's Wildfire software as i'm a frequent skype user which is partly why I switched networks to Three several years ago.
  20. volvo940seturbo

    volvo940seturbo Well-Known Member

    My three handset does not have skype on it, I believe you need to download it.

    Will have a check to see what you need to do.
  21. volvo940seturbo

    volvo940seturbo Well-Known Member

    Well easy enough to download and setup, but have never used skype before so no idea how to call another skype user and no idea what my skype number is.

    Seems very little info on the skype site, so any info on how you are meant to use this service would be good from anyone who is a skype user.
  22. rolph_uz

    rolph_uz New Member

    i got a wildfire from three and i want to unlock it. Just could you let me know that after unlocking my handset, does it affect to using skype on my handset? i want to use my three network for couple of months after unlocking, so there will not be problem using skype, isn it? thanks mates
  23. msamaro

    msamaro New Member

    Hi, I would like to buy the Wildfire from Amazon but it doesn't really says if it unlocked or not...
    For every other HTC phone it is clearly stated on the title, but not for this one. :(
  24. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    How about Carphone Warehouse, would a Wildfire from there be unlocked?
  25. GenesisNemesis

    GenesisNemesis Well-Known Member

    Pay as you go phones from The Carphone Warehouse are unlocked.

    If you are on a t-mobile contract, they will send you the unlock code for
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