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  1. zbod

    zbod Active Member

    I unlocked the bootloader after the recent OTA and now my rezound will not connect to 3g/4g lte or make calls. Does anyone have any ideas?

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    for starters,make sure you have mobile data turned on :eek: then make sure the cover is on,and your sim is inserted. nothing the unlock does should affect data.

    you might also check settings/mobile networks and make sure your network mode is set to cdma/LTE(i think)

    a couple other tricks:
    -toggle data on and off
    -toggle airplaine mode on and off
    -wait paitently and see if it comes back by itself. its possible there is coincidentally a network prollem in your area.

    this is all assuming you are on the stock rom still. if youve flashed something custom,what?
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  3. zbod

    zbod Active Member

    lol i came from the incredible and always did all my rooting stuff without teh back plate so i could pull the battery when needed...didn't realize you needed the back plate to get a signal on the rezound! :rolleyes:

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  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    anytime :cool:

    that same issue screwed me up on the thunderbolt,thats the main reason i knew it ;)

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