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Unlocked DI2Support

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  1. Oceax

    Oceax New Member

    I bought the HTC DI2 off-contract and had it shipped to Mexico almost 2 years ago.
    I had it unlocked and have been using a local carrier since, which has worked out perfect for me.

    I think I do not have access to any software updates, probably because I'm not using the Verizon network??

    If I check Setting--> Software update both options appear useless:

    Status show:

    Source: Verizon Wireless
    Name, Status, Code, Date, Time & Description all say nothing.

    Check New: Network Problem (Network is not available).

    Wondering if there is any way of checking for and downloading any updates.

  2. Oceax

    Oceax New Member

  3. anthonyramos01

    anthonyramos01 Active Member

    try wifi
  4. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    What software is currently installed?
  5. Oceax

    Oceax New Member

    The original software is installed (Android 2.2.1).

    Besides this the phone works perfect with my local carrier. Only problem is: it seems I have no acces to software updates.

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