Unlocked Droid Pro on both T-mobile and Verizon

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  1. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    I have an unlocked Droid Pro that I am using with T-mobile (without a data plan). This works well for me, since I have a wifi connection in most places.

    I also carry a Blackberry 8830 on Verizon for work purposes. I hate carrying two phones. I would use the Blackberry exclusively, except that I don't like the phone and want to keep my personal number separate.

    Does anyone know if I can use the Droid Pro on both Verizon's network and T-mobile/GSM? If I had Verizon activate my phone, and left the T-mobile GSM chip inside, I wonder if I would be able to toggle between the two through the wireless networks menu in Android...

    Advantages would be:
    1) One phone instead of two.
    2) I could use Verizon's better network in times where T-mobile is dead.
    3) I could use Verizon's data plan (for free) in times where I do not have wifi.

    Has anyone tried this or have any thoughts?


  2. 999Vulcan

    999Vulcan Well-Known Member

    How did you get it to work on T-Mobile? Verizon blocked US carrier's SIMs (even on unlocked Pros), and there's been a discussion on how to get around it. Is there a solution now?
  3. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    I have an odd version of the Droid Pro... I got it from "a guy."

    Anyway, it is not identical to the stock Droid Pro that Verizon is selling. A few differences I've noted:

    1. Completely unlocked, works on T-mobile with my GSM card.

    2. Battery cover had blue graphic on black instead of grey on black.

    3. There is a touch pad (Backtrak) like a Moto Charm or Backflip, although it is not operational. Interestingly, the silicone case I bought from the Verizon store has a hole to expose the touch pad. It seems that Motorola originally had this in the design but pulled it. I wonder if the right software could utilize the pad.

    4. Keys are domed like a Moto Cliq. Stock Droid Pro has ridged keys like a Blackberry. Keys are also arranged in a staggered way, like a full size keyboard. The stock version has keys lined up in a grid, again like a BB. Finally, the colon and semicolon labels are reversed compared to a stock device.

    5. The battery cover has "clips" in different locations. I discovered this today when my extended battery arrived and the new cover would not fit right. I had to use a knife to trim the clips that did not match to make the cover fit.

    I wonder if the ROM on this phone would be useful to folks developing a way to use stock Droid Pro's on US GSM networks?

  4. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    Post pics of this so called Pro with trackpad that you got from the "guy." or GTFO.
  5. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Given that you seem to be one of the few who have a "one-off" version of the phone, we wouldn't be much help. That said, there should be a setting where you can change your Global and/or carrier roaming settings. In the instruction manual (online in several places) there is a section that instructs on how to use GSM or CDMA only, or both.
  6. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    The wireless settings appear to be the same as a stock droid... have changed the network options to use GSM only (instead of CDMA or automatic global). I wonder if I can activate a pre-paid service for a month using this phone's ESN to check...

    I have already swapped the stock battery for an extended version. Perhaps it is an issue with GSM/3G, but my battery life is abysmal. This is my first day with the new battery. In any case, the extended battery door covers the trackpad. I did, however, find another forum post with these pics of the same phone:

    Is this a Pro with what looks like a trackpad.... - Android Forums

  7. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    Then it's not a Droid Pro. If there are differences between the Droid Pro and your alleged Droid Pro, you must have a clone/fake.
  8. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

    still waiting on pictures.

    It's not that difficult to snap a few shots with your other phone.

    I call BS until pics are produced.
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  9. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    subs, the thread you linked to on android central is a thread that i started after i saw that cutout on the battery cover of the phone listed on wirefly's website. I still want to see pictures of YOUR Droid Pro. i wanna see if the keyboard is different as you say. maybe its another keyboard mystery like the droid 1. remember the flat/bubbled keys.... :rolleyes:
  10. Leccia

    Leccia Active Member

    yep, this.
  11. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    Pictures of the phone are below...

    Pixel peepers will notice that i blocked out the numbers on my GSM card.

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  12. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    Ok subs seriously where the hell this thing come from? What model number is listed in the about phone screen? Also does that trackpad actually work. I also must say I kinda like that keyboard. Post more info. Post some video of the trackpad en action.
  13. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Its either a "Prototype", or "unlocked version"...either way, it will most likely not be available at VZW.
  14. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    1. I do not actually know the exact origins of the phone but I believe it is a prototype phone that an Motorola engineer had prior to launching.

    2. The about phone menu calls it a druid pro on version 2.2.

    3. As far as I can tell, the trackpad is not functional, perhaps at the software level.

    4. I am not sure how this can be useful to the community, but maybe someone can use this rom to understand how to open stock druid pros up to us gsm carriers.
  15. sebastianraven

    sebastianraven New Member

    Is that a speaker inbetween the sim and the SD card? If so, that would explain the cases that Verizon sells. They have a cutout in that area.
  16. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    That black square is not a speaker, it is actually a trackpad, like motorola's BACKTRAK on other phones. It is not functional. I think, probably, that the version of Android 2.2 that motorola has placed on the phone is not written to operate the trackpad.

    This explains why many of the OEM and third party cases out there have a hole cut out in the location.
  17. clickwir

    clickwir Member

    That's what's called an Engineering Sample. Not supposed to be sold and are supposed to be turned back in when testing is done. I won't speculate on how you or "the guy" got it. But it's pretty cool to see it with the trackpad.

    I know 2 people that are testing out Pro's right now and can't figure out why all the cases/covers have a cutout in the middle of the back... it's for the trackpad.

    Back to your original question... I don't think you can use it on both carriers at the same time. You'd have to switch back and forth. At least that was my experience with someone with an older phone that could switch.
  18. kjjb0204

    kjjb0204 Well-Known Member

    And what is all of that etching on the side of the bezel you covered with scotch tape?

    I'll bet this couldn't even be activated on Verizon. If the ESN is even valid for a production model, verizon and moto probably blocked the esn permanantly because your "guy" stole it. You do know if it is stolen and you bought it, you're in possession of stolen property?
  19. Nerdherder

    Nerdherder Member

    I still havent seen any proof that your Droid is running on a Stateside GSM network.

    Why would the trackpad be on the back and under the battery cover??
  20. substanceneil

    substanceneil Member

    1) The original battery cover that came with the phone had cut out for the trackpad, just like lots of the cases out there. The extended battery + cover from Verizon does not have this cut out.

    2) Nerdherder, it does not behoove me to "prove" anything. This is a forum, not a trial court. I have not tested the phone on Verizon yet... but i am using the phone on T-mobile. It is up to you to believe me or not.

    3) kjjb, thanks for your concern, but I am not in possession of any stolen property. I am a law abiding citizen that likes to play with phones. Actually, I take that back--since I am an American, I suppose I live on property stolen from native people.

    I placed the scotch tape there to cover a small gap between the battery cover and the phone. When my extended battery + cover came in from Verizon, i did not snap into place. It appeared that the a few of the "clips" on my phone were located differently. I used a knife to shave down the extra clips. The cover stays on securely, but where the clips were removed, the cover was just less than flush. I covered it with tape, before putting it back in its silicone case.

    Since then, I have removed the tape... doesn't seem necessary.

    The real point of this thread is to see if anyone had any experience of thoughts about running the phone on two carriers. Also, so see if this type of phone would be useful to people trying to truly unlock the phone for use with all GSM carriers.
  21. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Good lookin' out...I was looking to do the same with either the Pro, or D2G, for use on AT&T (wound up getting T-Mobile Defy, as it supports both AT&T's 3G and T-Mo's). However it seems that its locked down a bit too much at release.

    Unfortunately you have what is at the very least a "limited production/availability" model, as most of us won't be able to try.

    I would think that it would work like "Dual SIM" phones, which either prompt for you to choose which carrier to use for each call, or simply automatically chose the carrier with best signal, if both were in range.

    Good luck.
  22. Knewz

    Knewz Well-Known Member

    You cannot use the Pro on any other American carriers.
  23. ljburgess2010

    ljburgess2010 New Member

    Where can I get one of these phones, and how much did you pay for it?
  24. ljburgess2010

    ljburgess2010 New Member

    Substanceneil, my suggestion is that you try to activate the phone with one of Verizon's MVNOs, such as Page Plus Cellular. This should be a relatively inexpensive experiment because you can activate a phone with Page Plus, and it will come with $2 worth of "free minutes". You should be able to find a dealer who is willing to do this for you. If not, contact me and I will put you in touch with one. Also, if there is a problem with the ESN, this will come to light during the activation process. I am dying to know if this works for you. Since the Droid Pro was released, I have been wanting to see if I could get it to run on both Page Plus and Simple Mobile and toggle between the two carriers. I am disappointed to hear it cannot be unlocked for other US carriers because I am infatuated with this phone.
  25. frankbonatelli

    frankbonatelli Well-Known Member

    Its my thought here that the only way you could get them both on at once (assuming this is your end goal) you would need to radios (the cellular components of any phone). We can by phones with dual radios that will connect too two gsm systems and I think any good china brand grey market phone comes ready to roll for this. But the droid pro has only the one radio built in and all though its a world phone can only connect one at a time.

    Well thats my guess here, Currently a HTC user but as we speak my Pro is traveling my way! Very exciting!!

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