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  1. snarg74

    snarg74 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    im new to androidforums and i dont really know how this threading works, so this kind of thread might be in the wrong place, or whatever. Well, i have a few questions

    1) if you have an "unlocked" (someone could tell me what that means as well:confused:) can you use a prepaid sim card from vodafone? im guessing not, but maybe it possible.

    2) if it is unlocked, does everything function properly like the internet, gmail, etc...?

    my old phone just broke and the g1 looks amazing, so i hope a few people will answer this...

  2. sidkapur30

    sidkapur30 Well-Known Member

    1. "Ulocked" phone = a phone that can be user with any GSM sim card

    2. Yes

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