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  1. Krize

    Krize New Member


    I'm going to be studying abroad in France from late Aug through Dec at the moment. I am wondering if any one has any experience buying an unlocked phone and using it abroad in Europe? I will primarily want to use this as a regular talk/text phone with the ability to use Google Maps for directions + wifi. In particular I am curious about some of the questions listed below.

    1. Can google maps + directions be accessed via wi-fi and the cached for using it in airplane mode or by turning off the data usage?

    2. Should I be aware of any hardware incompatibilities that might pose a problem traveling around France and Europe?

    3. Would anyone have any recommendations on some unlocked phones that are within the $200-500 range? I'd really appreciate it if anyone would kindly recommend some solid older generation phones that would still work abroad.

    I'm currently in a Verizon contract and want to stay with Verizon as I have unlimited data. So, I'm hoping to resell my unlocked phone after my time abroad.

    Please let me know if I should be aware of any details. I'm not familiar with unlocked phones so I would greatly appreciate any directions and advice. Thanks!

  2. rui-no-onna

    rui-no-onna Well-Known Member

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM $400 direct from Google. Can't really beat it for the price. Supports all major 3G/HSPA frequencies and the first phone to get Jelly Bean. :)
  3. jtravel

    jtravel Member

    Take a look at some of the phones Colonel Zap has reviewed for MediaTek 6573 based dual sim unlocked GSM phones.

    Colonel Zap's Blog: HDC Galaxy Note Plus Haipai Noble i9220 Dualsim MT6575 ICS Android Phone Video

    Several Mid-level Android phones are available for around the $200 Price point from china.
    Some solid choices are the 4.3" 960x540 QHD phones like the Zopo ZP100, IHTC One X, IHTC One S
    I recently picked up the Zopo ZP100 and it runs Ice cream sandwitch and has a really nice looking 960x540 QHD resolution screen and excellent feature set for $200
    Befor buying a low cost Android phone from China make sure you do your homework and read the reviews first.
    It's very important that you purchase from a trusted and reliable vendor.
  4. Krize

    Krize New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I was wondering if you guys knew if these mid-tier phones are easily resold? If so, what are some good sites for unlocked phone trading or reselling?

    I plan to stay with Verizon and will upgrade after I come back from my study abroad in the beginning of 2013.
  5. BSP

    BSP Well-Known Member

    Highly recommend the Galaxy Nexus which you can get from the Google Play Store. I used it in Europe and it worked flawless-- always had a connection with Vodafone.

    As for reselling, I BELIEVE that Nexus phones tend to have a high resale value. No idea where you'd go about selling it though.
  6. Krize

    Krize New Member

    Did you pay for a data plan or did you just do a minutes only plan with vodafone? I ask because I'd like to be able to use google maps if possible. Otherwise I would cash directions for future use. I am considering the GN just because it seems like the most reliable option at the moment. Thanks!
  7. rafiraza

    rafiraza New Member

    Root Help Needed i9220, MT6573, MEITE China Galaxy NOTE
    Well Dear Programmers....

    I had been frantically searching how to Root my GALAXY NOTE 5.2~3 China Version
    MEITE, i9220 MTK6573, IMEI.359212807096..........
    Ms Board... e11091_z14ctp
    Modem Ver......MAVI.11AMD.W11.37.SP.V23.2012/03/14
    GCC VER 4.4.3(6CC)....jULY 20, 2012,
    ANDROID VER.. 2.3.6
    CUSTOM BUILD VERSION.....1342761872


    I have tried ALL Odins, TP Spark Root, Busy Box..Unroot......and a number of rooting software ...nothing could root my phone.
    Basically....Superuser access is not permitted....I can install Google play all okay....but Root access is missing..
    Busy Box needs to get installed at /system/xbin......and I keep selecting but it does not install...
    PROGRAMMERS please.....I need help..........
    A bundle of thanks.
  8. flowerchild120

    flowerchild120 New Member

    I bought a generic smart phone (i9270+) with a 4.0 Android operating system. It is a unlocked gms phone. I cant seem to use all of the phones features like sending and receiving pic messages. My service provider (staright talk) says its because its not a domestic phone and so they dont know how to tell me to make it work. Has anyone else had this problem and if yes, any solutions found?

    Thank You

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