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  1. stormpulse

    stormpulse Member

    I recently got a new lg optimus 3d it was locked to rogers (canada) so i unlocked it and put my bell sim in, i went to the bell support area and got all the apn info changed it all, everything seems tobwork except mms i can recieve picture messages and voice nores etc etc buy it will not send them i was previously using a black berry any ideas??

  2. stormpulse

    stormpulse Member

    No one have an idea??
  3. stormpulse

    stormpulse Member

    So i called bell tech support they told me me to check the apn settings again so i did still the sane i put my sim back in my bb and it send mms just fine has n e one figured this out or can help me?!?!?!?

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