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Unlocked Videotron or Wind SGS4 - model m919v on LTE networksTips

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  1. andromatix

    andromatix Well-Known Member

    I acquired an m919v version (used by Videotron or Wind in Canada). If you unlock it and try to use on an LTE capable network like Rogers or Telus, it won't run on LTE. Videotron blocks or prevents the enabling of LTE through the settings.

    I downloaded and installed this magic little app, not available on the Google Play Store, but through another discussion forum. This is an older version of Phone Info app that enables you select and activate your preferred network connection whether LTE, GSM, CDMA, etc....

    Essentially this over-rides the device's 'limited settings' and permits you to choose LTE. Choose 'Device Information' to enable or disable LTE as you wish.

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  2. paieste

    paieste New Member

    Installed but cant open the file.?
  3. ryanmillet

    ryanmillet New Member

    So the setting I choose is LTE/GSM/CDMA?.... but then it reverts to LTE/GSM after I reboot.... is this ok?
  4. jkoz

    jkoz New Member

    The file doesn't open
    Please help
  5. fieldzy0

    fieldzy0 Member

    this doesn't work say program stop working?
  6. lexzoo1077

    lexzoo1077 New Member

    I downloaded the file successfully but didn't find LTE network option

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