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  1. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    Is the only way to unlock the home screen to click on the power/lock button ? Is there anyway where I can touch the screen to do so ?

  2. tha5150

    tha5150 Well-Known Member

    i would like to know the same. i have tried all combinations with no luck. holding vol down / up / both together... no luck

    i dont think any of the touch keys on the bottom would work ever because they are ( i think ) activated/turned on with the OS. so basically i think it is the power button or the volume rocker..

    but hey, call me out and prove me wrong... PLEASE haha.. i would love other options.
  3. zizo79

    zizo79 Well-Known Member

    I hate it that I have to click on the power button all the time..
  4. tha5150

    tha5150 Well-Known Member

    weird spot too huh? i think for a cool phone like this, i will deal with the power button issue if i have to.

    off topic but i need to find a better keyboard. ideas?
  5. ayush1018

    ayush1018 New Member

    Personally, one of the best things I think MOTO has done is included Swype by default. Try it out by going to Settings --> Language and Keyboard and change Input Options to Swype.
  6. g.smiley

    g.smiley Member

    Just tried swype and i gotta say, it is pretty cool.
  7. g.smiley

    g.smiley Member

    I can wake my atrix by just hitting either the volume up or down key once. Note, i do have the no lock app, and i also have the pass/fingerprint etc off aswell. Maybe that has sometng to do with it.
  8. jimbush3

    jimbush3 Member

    I keep my phone in a belt case so I didn't need all the screen locking hoopla. Install Widgetsoid 2.x and create a widget with the Lock Screen and Auto Lock toggles - this way you can disable the slide lock and also put a button on your home screen to lock the screen. I never use the top power button anymore - just use the button on my homescreen to lock and the volume buttons to unlock, perfect.

    I also included Data, Wifi, GPS and silent toggles in my widget to fill the space. EDIT* I used to use the no lock app but widgetsoid replaced it with tons more features, highly recommend.
  9. mramos860

    mramos860 New Member

    If You Use Widget Locker (Paid) You Can Set Your Phone To Unlock With A Long Hold Of The Home Button On The Bezel.
  10. b1aze

    b1aze Member

    I also use the no lock app and it works well with the power button and volume rockers

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