Unlocking HTC Tattoo on Orange UK

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  1. reuven

    reuven Member

    Sorry, I was responding to Skywolf. I used a Kingston for mine, but I've heard most should work. All that is necessary is that your card actually conforms to the CID standard in the SD card specifications.

  2. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Member

    That's ok. Have you done this with your Tattoo then?
  3. reuven

    reuven Member

  4. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Member

    At what point in the instructions will you be able to tell if the SD card is not the correct brand?
  5. rassha

    rassha Member

    Could you tell me please, does this image include serbian language too (or croatian)?
  6. tonyyeb

    tonyyeb Member

    Silly question but i'm guessing that one defaults to English first?
  7. BTaylor

    BTaylor Active Member

    I'm afraid the WWE edition only comes in the following languages:

  8. rassha

    rassha Member

    too bad... thanks for info
  9. MiniDolan

    MiniDolan New Member

    "03. Install Android SDK. Use adb to run this command: adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid"

    I know I probably sound unbelievably dumb, but how do I open adb and run this command?
  10. reuven

    reuven Member

    Use the command line.
  11. MiniDolan

    MiniDolan New Member

    Thanks so much!

    Worked perfectly!

  12. Tony2k

    Tony2k Member

    I have tried with four different sd card and none worked, it's possilbe??
    After all the steps I put the sd card in the phone, with clicdiag.zip it loads but after nothing appen, with clicimg.zip it says:
    sd checking...
    no image!
    What brand of sd card do you used??
    I have also tried the update by fastboot usb mode but the pc give me error 131!
  13. Astrotoy7

    Astrotoy7 Member

    cheers iliko! I had seen the original thread at xda but your hex editor pics were very helpful :)

    I am in Oz, and like a few others - have a malaysian tattoo/click.

    I got it to work with the same image but perhaps had a slightly easier time! I am sharing here in case others may find it helpful:

    *ADB = WTF? if this is what you are wondering, then you are not alone. It refers to 'android development bridge' that allows your android device to connect to to pc via usb without being in sync or disc drive mode.

    What you need to get into ADB.
    *The android SDK
    *android usb drivers
    *ADB mode enabled in your phone and teh variable set up in pc system settings>>>read HOW TO ADB for DUMMIES from xda

    >>I found the android usb drivers were already on my system. I have a feeling that the HTC sync app I have installed may have done that... if you have the ADB mode/drivers going properly it will look like this in your device manager:


    You of course need to have a nice clean/formatted msd card in the phone to get the CID off it using the command line code iliko outlines above. For those curious, I used a a 2GB sandisk micro sdhc card. The original FAT32 formatting and later hex editing was done in windows.

    *You dont need to do all that QMAT stuff anymore! Once youve popped in that adb code and got the CID number >> it looks like this

    *red bits block out personal info and my first attempt which didnt work due to a typo :)

    You'll need to write this number down - or better yet type it into a text/wordpad file so you can easily copy and paste it.

    Then go to Sooa-'s Goldcard Hex Reversal Page and copy and paste the number in and press 'submit' >>youre reversed number will be generated and you will see a hyperlink to QMATS page where you can generate the gold card code.

    Here you will input your email and your reversed number and the prized goldcard.img you are after will be sent to the email you have nominated.

    The email seemed to have been sent pretty much instantly.

    Then hop over and download the goldcard.img from your email account and follow iliko's instructions for the hex editor stuff. Its pretty easy. You are basically replacing the lines of the goldcard.img into to sd cards existing lines. I had my sd card plugged into my pc via a reader for this bit - as you need to be able to identify 'removable disk' in hex editor as per the instructions. Whether you could have kept the m-sd in the phone and gone over to 'disc drive' mode is something I didnt try.

    Once youve authored the edited hex onto the card, IT IS NOW A GOLDCARD!

    Now. to get that update.... I fussed about with all that clicimg/diag business and had no luck.

    What worked:

    *As mentioned I have HTC sync installed. I plugged that in and went into 'htc sync' mode on the phone (ie, not disc drive mode).

    From here I just ran the RUU Click HTC WWE 1.67.405.6 WWE release signed NoDriver.exe from the desktop and it rebooted and updated in a civilised manner. No button holds, it just did it business. I then took the goldcard out and replaced my original SD with all my music etc.

    Upon rebooting it was great to be asked for UK english and finally see the market there. Even better - it actually worked !! \o/ Gmail, youtube etc all good too.

    I hope that was helpful to someone!! It will at least keep us going until 2.01 comes out (see here for more info on that)

    cheers Tattooists!

  14. reuven

    reuven Member

  15. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    Which code?
  16. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    Great job Astrotoy7,

    too but it was not working because the ROM I already had on device was higher version than 1.67.405.6
  17. Astrotoy7

    Astrotoy7 Member

    We wouldnt have to pay for this by any chance would we ?? :D

    Some of us already have unlocked phones from non market areas so can use this method to get an updated vanilla(non provider) ROM up and running.

  18. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    I have just had a live chat and support person said you have to BUY code then flash your device. Hence your post does not make sense. :cool:
  19. Tony2k

    Tony2k Member

    I'm not able to unlock this phone!!
    In the first step I bought the unlock code, the phone says ok but the sim isn't initialized.
    In the second stem I have upgraded the rom with RUU Click HTC WWE 1.67.405.6 WWE release signed NoDriver.exe directly from windows with one orange sim and the debug mode. Now I have entered another time the unlock code but the problem it's always the same, the sim isn't initialized and after every roboot I have to enter the serial code.
    In the thirt step I have made the gold card. I have tried with five sd cards, sandisk and kingstone. I have tried ranaming in clicimg.zip and clicdiag.zip but I have always error!
    What can I do? I'm the only one unable the unlock this phone??!!
  20. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    It will not be unlocked even if you do gold-card method becuase to unloack it we need rooted ROM so to reflash radio module too.
    I unlocked it with iSmartSim bought for $3.00 on dealextreme.com ;)
  21. Tony2k

    Tony2k Member

    I have succesfully flashed the phone now with goldcard by fastboot usb mode. I'm sure that now must be ok bacause also radio was flashed but still can't use my Wind (italian) sim!
    At every roboot it ask me the unlock code, says "network succesful unlocked" and after it continue to say "unlocking sim card", but it never stops!!
    The data of my phone are those:

    What can I do??
  22. Tony2k

    Tony2k Member

    I have flashed RUU_Click_HTC_WWE_1.67.405.6_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver. I have entered the serial code many times, can be this the problem?
  23. conzar

    conzar Member

    Hello. I followed the steps as closely as I could; however, I am using Ubuntu.

    I used gparted to format the MicroSD card, and a program called ImageWriter to write the goldcard.img. The part I am stuck at is booting the device. Note, the work-a-round that some of you have offered to directly call the exe file doesn't work in wine so I have to get the phone to load it.

    So I copied the CLICDIAG.zip to the MicroSD card, inserted the card into the phone, and then booted the phone (down volume + power).

    HBOOT starts, a progress bar is at the top right hand screen.
    It does the following:
    * SD Checking...
    * Loading ... [CLICDIAG.zip]

    After progress bar reaches 100%
    * Checking ...[CLICDIAG.zip]
    Then it prints out something really quick (can't read it) and then goes back to the main HBOOT screen.

    Any idea what might be going wrong?
  24. iliko

    iliko Active Member

    This means gold card is successfully created. You have to use CLICIMG.zip name not CLICDIAG.zip. Try that and let us know.
  25. conzar

    conzar Member

    I did this at first, but like other poster's I got the error about not finding the CLICDIAG.zip.

    Also, does the WWW version support chinese input (pinyin to chinese char)?

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