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Unlocking screenTips

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  1. cf33092

    cf33092 New Member

    I recently purchased an X2 and tried setting up the combination pattern for unlocking the phone. However, when I hit the power button on the top, I still have to move a slider to unlock, then do the combination. I have seen on other phones (I think its the Droid 2 Global) where you just push the power button and it immediately goes to the combination screen without having to slide anything. Is this possible with the X2 either with or without an app?

    Thanks for any answers.

  2. square

    square Well-Known Member

    no... and if you check the official moto x2 support forums, it's a "feature". lame, i know.
  3. Dubie220

    Dubie220 Member

    probably so you dont pocket dial a emergency call

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