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Unlocking sim Arc S from O2General

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  1. Garylooker

    Garylooker Member

    Hi getting the xperia arc s i think next week from phones 4 u , but its locked to either vodafone or O2 ,is there an unlocking guide so i can use it on Giff gaff or any other sim please, cant see any threads?

  2. Garylooker

    Garylooker Member

    76 views so far and no answers , is this a tricky phone to sim unlock? My San Fran was unlocked in 30 Secs just put the imei number in
  3. Josh-SonyXperia

    Josh-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    To unlock the phone you need to put a SIM card from another company on the phone and then it will give you the option to unlock it. You need a code known as NCK to do this that can only be given to you by the original network provider of the phone, basically from the company that the phone is locked to.
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