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Unlocking Software - pros and cons?

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  1. junkeeroo

    junkeeroo Member

    Hi All,

    Is unlocking software where your pc is hooked up to your phone safe? Have a my Mytouch 3G (newest 3.5mm jack version) and wondering if there's any negative consequences to doing so.

    I'd appreciate any insight or links. Thanks in advance.

  2. junkeeroo

    junkeeroo Member

    here's a reply i got on another forum, "Your risks are almost zero to the phone. Just make sure if you download any software to your computer, that you scan it for viruses first, and obviously make sure it's for the right model of phone, but you seem to have a handle on that, since you recognize the difference between the two versions :)"

    any other opinions still appreciated.
  3. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    if you're rooting or installing custom FW also make sure that you check that the MD5SUM matches for the files you download.

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