Unlocking the bootloader, custom recovery, kernels, etc

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  1. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    The kyocera rise users are working towards the same goals as us. I just wanted to share the thread and open the discussion to the hydro users since the only difference between the two phones is the slide out keyboard and water resistant stuff. They use the same locked bootloader, recovery and secure kernel.

    Once one phone gets it working, the other will follow suit.

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  2. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    Iam trying to build the recovery. i keep gettting this error. even when i change the recovery partition size in BoardConfig.mk

    Target boot image: out/target/product/rise/boot.img
    out/target/product/rise/boot.img total size is 4464640
    error: out/target/product/rise/boot.img too large (4464640 > [3784704 - 270336])
    make: *** [out/target/product/rise/boot.img] Error 1

    Anyone with more experience know what to do ?

    EDIT: Actually i seem to get that error when i try to build a recovery for anything, tried the warp for the hell of of, same thing
  3. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    Well, I'll look into it after work, I had no issues building cwm or twrp, so it might be something in your source.
  4. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    Now i j just need to get one of these phones, and we need to unlock the bootloader, which i hope is possible.

    here is my first contribution to the Keyocera Rise/HYDRO phones.

    CWM6 Recovery and installer (For Windows Users)
  5. Kritter888

    Kritter888 Well-Known Member

  6. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Well-Known Member

    Have you actually built it yet, or are you going to build it? I've tried building CWM5, but it doesn't boot on the phone. Probably because of the bootloader?
  7. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    sorry, i edited out that post, we can not make cwm work right now because the bootloader is locked. we need to first work on that, there is a link in the op that show where the progress is, the rise and the hydro are the same
  8. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Well-Known Member

    yeah, it's my thread ;) I just was interested to try out somebody else's build of CWM for this phone.
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  9. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Well-Known Member

    OKAY, First off. There is no need to post this multiple times. If you look at the Kyocera Rise thread you posted on, this was debunked to be the work of a popular spam. We will not be able to use methods from other manufacturers to unlock the bootloader on the Kyocera Rise/Hydro. Case closed, move on.
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  10. rymes14

    rymes14 Active Member

    I'm a newb at this, but is there anything I could do to help?
  11. Jwills218

    Jwills218 Member

    The bootloader can only be used by the factory or an Authorized Distributor are allowed to flash the firmware through a desktop software.

    No no that just won't do
  12. db2

    db2 Well-Known Member

    Without skill at hacking Android, for now probably not directly. You can do what I'm doing though, field problems/questions so those who have the skill to h4x0r the phone have time to do it without distraction.

    Or if you're rich you could send Amazon codes to the most skilled developers so they can buy guineapig phones. ;) That seriously would help though, nobody wants to brick their daily driver.
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  13. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    Lol, mine was specifically bought for development. Its not my daily driver.

    So when I get a little more time here I will start testing some stuff.
  14. slipk487

    slipk487 Well-Known Member

    Can't wait for some progress as i got a paperweight.
  15. db2

    db2 Well-Known Member

    You should look in to a warranty phone if you can. This isn't likely to ever be able to bring locked phones back.
  16. HDfilmdoctor

    HDfilmdoctor New Member

  17. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    Pulled because of the locked bootloader
  18. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    i built it, but cant test lol
  19. dtriguero

    dtriguero Member

    i new here but just wanted to let everyone know there is a new ota firmware update out for hydro in process of donwloading now will let know if it brakes root or not also i remember someone say something about manipulating and update package to get to and unlock bootloader is that possible

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  20. Hey guys I have the new firmware update on my phone... haven't tried to install it yet don't .. I can't find where the file(s) r stored. If someone knows where its stored I'll put it in a drop box link for y'all
  21. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    Usually in the /cache folder
  22. dtriguero

    dtriguero Member

    They got 3 folders under /cache 1st-Delta which has stuff in it the next are empty they are 2nd-lost+found 3rd-recovery have update download to but can't find unless that Delta folder is it plz help any ideas where to find files

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  23. dtriguero

    dtriguero Member

    The delta folder in /cache is the update but for some reason mine won't install gives error 8507 and says contact service provider
  24. dtriguero

    dtriguero Member

    I zipped the delta folder looks like a lot of .bin files uploading to google drive now so can give link for download hope this update file helps yall to shed some light on getting access to bootloader and unlocking will post link when upload done

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