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Unlocking The Exhibit II w / T MobileSupport

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  1. EDFX00

    EDFX00 Member

    Anyone successfully unlock an Exhibit II?

    I tried using fastgsm.com , which claims they can do it via a data cable and they cant and fail miserably and respond with rude and ignorant customer service.

    I'd love to know if anyone succeeded here.

  2. jilebi

    jilebi New Member

    I am also in the same boat! Were you or anybody else out here able to figure out how to unlock the Samsung Exhibit II?


  3. john37

    john37 New Member

    Hey guys,i just got my t679 unlocked by t-mobile.
    here is what you need.
    you need a proof of purchase of the phone,your name,phone #to reach you at,your e-mail address,your phones IMEI# ,if you activated your phone with t-mobile the phone # they gave you,and write down a brief explanation of why you need your phone to be unlocked and the last thing you have to do is call t-mobile and request a Sim Unlock Reference # and ask them for fax # of unlock team.
    what you have to do now is simple,put all that information you have up there on a piece of paper starting with ATTN=UNLOCK TEAM and fax it to them,they will send you an e-mail in a day saying that unlock code may take 2 to 14 days,hurray you are done,enjoy your unlocked phone :)
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  4. sean45

    sean45 New Member

    here is the unlocking code for samsung exhibit ii 4g i got this code from the t-mobil customer service 58524847 :D
  5. heatherskib

    heatherskib New Member

    Doesn't work for mine, and you only get 10 chances total to break the code.

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