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unlocking the l9Support

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  1. elletram

    elletram Member

    has anyone unlock the phone yet? when i put a att sim in it, it says that its locked were normally it would say t-mobile, but no box pop's up offering me to put in an unlock code. any ideas?

  2. elletram

    elletram Member

  3. Blackman75

    Blackman75 Member

    Just do the following:

    First go to www.unlocktotalk.com and they will hook you up.

    After you get your code then do this:

    1: Turn on phone with non-accepted sim card (not the original network sim, the one that is locked out).
    2: Dial 2945#*769#
    3: A menu will popup to enter the code.
    4. You choose Network Lock.
    5. Enter code.

    I have absolutely no affiliation with them and I am only posting this because I had a beast of a nightmare unlocking mine.

    Ebay was no go multiple times with different providers, tried Google and nothing for like 3 providers. Thank goodness I got refunds from them. The only one that worked was www.unlocktotalk.com they were pretty fast with the responses too but it took a while to get the code which wasn't their fault, the manufacturer's website was down. End story very happy!
  4. Blackman75

    Blackman75 Member

    After I had such great results with www.unlocktotalk.com he asked me to do the same for him. Worked like a charm twice!!!
  5. Blackman75

    Blackman75 Member

    I have to post again because of how great these guys are. I didn't realize their $5 refund policy for posting a good review was one per customer. My friend loved my positive experience and wanted a code too but his Mexican credit card didn't work. :smokingsomb: Well I wanted to help him so I bought it for him. Because I wasn't aware of their policy of one refund per customer for the positive reviews they informed me but still gave me the refund, of course letting me know this was the only time. Great and understanding guys. BUY HERE!!!
  6. icebrrg3rd

    icebrrg3rd Member

    So now that you unlocked the phone, have you used it on AT&T's service? If so, how did it work?

    Reason is that up by my folk's place in northern WI I have no service. It shows bars, but no 2G or 4G and emergency calls only. Simple Mobile wouldn't hook up, I'm assuming that T-Mobile being the carrier for Simple would also mean that if I was directly on T-Mobile's service I'd also be signal-less. I'm hoping that AT&T has better coverage, don't want to unlock and find out that I still can't get coverage up there.

    My previous carrier was Sprint, ok coverage up there.

    Thanks, Andrew
  7. icebrrg3rd

    icebrrg3rd Member

    Well, I've switched my phone over to Net10 AT&T, my wife's phone is still on Simple Mobile T-Mobile, now I'm going to compare where we have service (or not) and which one works better. Will report back once we've tested it out up north and in western WI, where it seems to be only covered by CDMA service.

    So far I have good coverage, but in Milwaukee coverage usually is good for all carriers. I do have better coverage inside at my desk at work, it shows 4G and my texts don't get bounced back with "no service". I usually need to go by an outside wall to send/receive texts and calls.

  8. icebrrg3rd

    icebrrg3rd Member

    Well, this last weekend I was up in Waupaca, WI. Simple Mobile T-Mobile service on my wife's phone was "Emergency calls only" and my Net10 AT&T went on roam. I could still make & receive calls & texts, but it put up a warning once that any data would be charged as international data usage. Since I didn't really need to use data, I didn't find out what that was about or would cost.

    Next I will try them out in western WI, see what Net10's AT&T has over Simple Mobile's T-Mobile.

  9. rsevans64

    rsevans64 Well-Known Member

    Just call LG and ask for the code.

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