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  1. ox45

    ox45 Member

    Hello All,

    Sadly I have moved on from the Spectrum, and I am now looking to offload the phone. A friend of mine is interested, but he is on T-Mobile. I know ICS brought about the world phone functions. Is it possible to carrier unlock this phone to work on T-Mobile now?


  2. projekkt

    projekkt Member

    You can think of this as a CDMA "voice" phone.

    AFAIK tmobile uses GSM phones.

    We do have both GSM+CDMA chipsets but it still wont work. Unlocking in america for us would just mean we can travel the world with the phone.
  3. ddas8888

    ddas8888 Member

    Hi, i m from India and interested to use it on gsm band. any idea will help very much.
    Can i apply radiocomm on it?
  4. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    If nobody on this forum has done it and nothing shows up when you google it. Please assume that nobody has done it.

    GSM is not enabled.

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